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  1. Would you clear a squib this way?

    A press and measurement device is all that's needed. An arbor press and a pressure transducer plate or hydraulic press with a pressure gauge or force gauge would do.
  2. Would you clear a squib this way?

    I still think the pressure is lower than firing a normal round as evidenced by the gun short stroking in the video to a point it didn't even eject the spent case. It would be interesting to find what takes more force to accomplish; swaging a bullet into the rifling or moving a bullet already...
  3. Would you clear a squib this way?

    When you first fire a normal round you have static friction, inertia AND the force required to swage the bullet to conform to the rifling resulting in higher pressure than this technique produces.
  4. Would you clear a squib this way?

    I'd use a HSS broach that is slightly larger than the bore and force it all the way through to be sure I got ALL the squib out. ...or a brass rod slightly smaller than the bore so it doesn't bend.
  5. Would you clear a squib this way?

    It seems like a perfectly legitimate way of clearing the squib and you're subjecting the gun to lower pressure than when you fire a regular round. Alternatively you could fire an AP round, the AP core leaving a hole smaller than the gun bore through the squib which can then be internally...
  6. Do you still have your first gun?

    I no longer have the first gun I bought, a Ruger 77/22lr, but I have the first gun I ever shot, a Winchester 94 in 32 Winchester Special. It belonged to my neighbor and I acquired after his passing.
  7. Lead concerns in backyard range

    Because of potential lead contamination or the incoming fire?
  8. Broken off rail. How to connect?

    I'd just thermite weld it to the gun.
  9. This prick needs to go

  10. Big bore old school rifles.

    I do enjoy dragging out my 1874 Sharps 45-110 now and then. I also have an antique Winchester 1886 in 45-70 along with an 1873 trapdoor. All a lot of fun to shoot.
  11. Your New Knife!

    Got me a genuine old Kukri. Supposedly late 1800 military issue. For more info; View: Mine is the 'long leaf' bought through Atlanta Cutlery.
  12. What to do with ammo for a caliber you no longer own?

    A couple wraps of electrical tape and you can fire it from your .308.
  13. How many genders are there?

    There are 3 genders... Male, Female and Mentally deranged.
  14. Finally, a sig ill probably buy and keep

    I'm not seeing it...
  15. Glock AR15 finally?

    That's a revolutionary design!
  16. Milling for moon clip, what about the ejector?

    Do you leave the ejector in place when doing this? If so, toe clamp the ejector down while milling. You will need to reposition the clamp, of course, while doing this. I would be inclined to remove the ejector and machine it separately.
  17. Your New Knife!

    Picked up a Ka-Bar BK-21... to do some pruning around the house... yeah, that's why.
  18. Black powder picture thread

    Just muzzle loaders or BP cartridge too?

    Or a McMillan.
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