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  1. AR Question

    So I pulled my AR out of storage. I shot it 4-5 times years ago and just put it away. It's been sitting for a few years. I pulled the charging handle and this little piece fell out of the mag well: any idea what this is?
  2. Shooting 556 through 223 AR

    Now, I'll start by saying that I shot hundreds of rounds of 556 through my 223 AR without an issue. It wasn't until recently I stumbled upon some articles. etc about "how dangerous" it is. People seem pretty split on this. Some people swear if you do it, you're going to die a fiery...
  3. WTS WTS Sony A7C with 35mm 1.8 & 85mm 1.8 Lenses

    Selling my Sony A7c with 35mm FE 1.8 and 85mm FE 1.8. Barely used. I bought it in December 2020 and used only 3-4 times. All original boxes and papers for all items. Everything is in brand new condition. I'll try and post some pictures, but if interested PM me and I'll get you pictures ASAP...
  4. NH & Maine Conceal Carry & Transport

    Can a MA resident carry concealed in both NH and Maine with non-resident permit? Also can a MA resident bring other guns (rifles/shotguns) over to both states in locked cases? I'm getting mixed answers figured my NES people can straighten it out.
  5. Ruger LC9 Trigger Kit

    I did a search, but a lot of those threads are 7+ years old. Has anyone changd out the trigger on their LC9? Which kit is recommended and how DIY friendly is it? Thanks
  6. Gun Ranges accepting Members

    Any Gunranges/Gun Clubs accepting members within 30 minutes of Woburn?
  7. Gun Safety Class

    My wife got her gun safety certificate about 10 years ago, and never followed through with getting her LTC. Is there somewhere in the Woburn/Stoneham area, that you guys could recommend, she can take the class again?
  8. Go-To Gunshop North of Boston

    Haven't bought a gun in a's about time. Where are your favorite spots north of Boston right now?
  9. AR15 Stock

    I've been out of the loop for a while, where is a good site to order a new stock for an AR? CAN I even order an AR stock in MA?
  10. BPD Bust

    This was posted on BPDs Facebook page. Do they make these extended "clips" (Yes, I know, MAGAZINE!) for the S&W M&P?? or is that not an M&P?
  11. nm

    4 dead on the scene, 1 died in the hospital.
  12. WTS Weber 22" Smokey Mountain Smoker + tons of extras

    Everything is in brand new never Used condition, everything except the smoker is still in boxes: Weber Smkey Mountain Smoker 22" The Hinge and gasget kit (not installed) Weber firestarter cubes Rib Rack The IQ110 Temperature Regulator kit Thermo Pro TP20 Wireless Remote Thermometer Grill Beast...
  13. BodyCam footage of Dylon Noble shooting When cops have guns drawn on you, shit is serious. Shut the **** up, get down and live to fight another day if you're not guilty...
  14. Campus Shooting @ UCLA

    2 victims, minimal info at this time:
  15. New Stock for Sig556

    Can someone point me in the right direction as to what aftermarket stock would be compatible with the SIG556? Do I need to switch out the buffer tube as well? Also, something that's cool MA as well.
  16. "Tactical Experts" destroy the NRA's "good guy with a gun" Fantasy

    I'll just drop this turd right here:
  17. Letter of Explanation to COP

    For the towns that require a letter outlining the reasons for application addressed to the Chief of Police, what needs to be addressed? I'm assuming that: Isn't going to fly. This is for a friend who I got into shooting who is FINALLY putting his application in a Green town. Thanks BTW...
  18. Time to ReNew!

    Got notification that my LTC is about to expire. Has it been 6 years already? It also marks how long I've been on NES, since this was my first resource in the application process, green/red towns, first gun purchases, MA laws etc....over time, I strayed away from the gun related stuff, since...
  19. WTS iPhone 5 32 GB UNLOCKED

    I've had it for 2 years. The top of it is scratched up from being in my pocket without a case, and there a small line at the bottom of the screen (it looks worse in the picture than it really is). I've got the box and headphones (never used) but the plug shit the bed a couple weeks ago. I'll...
  20. BREAKING NEWS: 2 MORE NYPD cops shot in the Bronx

    Two police officers were shot in the Bronx Monday night, the New York Police Department has confirmed.
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