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  1. Gauss rifle

    Looks a little clunky, but future development could make it the real deal. View:
  2. Mass gun control legislation

    Study that came out claiming that Massachusetts gun control legislation has had no effect on violent crime. No S*it /s. Gun control Looking at where the study came from shows our "friends" at EOPSS helped fund some aspects of the study. EOPSS Everyone I interact with believes that gun...
  3. Modern gadgets for self defense

    For those that can't get real firearms...I will stick with my pistol. I do like the knuckles with a sling shot at 1:55, you can combine two frowned upon items at once. If used skillfully can disarm an attacker...haha. At 6:27 the tsunami Saw that we are tied for last on firearm...
  4. San Diego banning DIY rifles

    San Diego going all righteous on banning individuals' ability to purchase firearms parts to make their own weapons. I think they have a better chance of stopping illegal drugs and people than stopping people from making their own firearms. Probably a slew of lawsuits inbound. Very likely that...
  5. 2nd Amendment auditors

    Guy in Florida walking with fishing pole and in Florida. A right that cannot be exercised is not a right. Not really my cup of tea, but I agree with what he is doing. The narrative is slowly being changed that anyone out in public with a firearm is a bad guy needs to be changed...
  6. Fully Automatic fire Chicago

    News report of fully automatic fire in Chicago I really really doubt it. It seems that a black rifle with a beta mag (I think) now constitutes an automatic rifle. Cue up the everything is an AK-47 meme. Black rifle
  7. Brandishing firearm at home

    This is from a Colorado incident in 2019. Anyone's best guess if it happened in Mass... probably guilty as charged. Odds are likely against you when police and firearms interact on your property. I am pretty sure if anyone opens up on me in my own yard there will be a problem. A lot of ass...
  8. This is an arsenal

    In spite of the two guns that people in Massachusetts think is an arsenal, I think this really qualifies as an arsenal. Seizure from the USS Monterey. Too bad the gunners mates (GMG) will have to rebox all of the equipment. I would like to get my hands on a couple of these things. Weapon...
  9. Lawful commerce in arms act

    You don't always hear about these cases, glad to see Glock prevailed. Pet project of bozo Biden...he wants this gone so there won't be any legal challenges to his gun control agenda. In a little-noticed decision with a major impact on the firearms industry, a federal judge in Arizona has ruled...
  10. MRAD Barrett .gov contract

    Looks like Barrett has a new contract for the MRAD. I wonder if he will tell them to F off if .gov enacts a new AWB like he did with a couple of other states. Or deny service to them. 50 million puts decisions in a different category. Barrett MRAD
  11. Art imitates life

    This is how you make one gun into 5 for real. Russians in 1944. I can't get a good count, but I think there is at least 12, probably more. Nice metal storm, too bad they would be spending half of their life reloading (maybe all of it, on the Russian front).
  12. Another toy gun story

    Classic Karen story about a kid that has his new favorite toy visible during a online Zoom meeting. Someone gets "uncomfortable" seeing a toy guy on video calls cops...lecture ensues. Laughable that the home owner has to explain they don't even own real guns. Toy gun All guns have now become...
  13. Assault Weapon ban for Canada

    Seems like Canada is planning a full on assault weapon ban. Worked for New Zealand and I say that with the highest amount of scarcasm I can muster. We (Canadians) can do the same. Coming to a country near you...soon. Canada AWB
  14. ATF gun classification made easy

    Saw this on another site and thought it looked relevant. Remember it is "easy".
  15. Gun Control Trump vs Bush

    Long but good article comparing the mistakes George Bush made endorsing gun control that helped kill his second term and the path that Trump is currently taking. In 2020 I will vote in my tenth presidential election since I have been of voting age. Not once have I voted for a Democrat, since...
  16. Know your Enemy

    Classic example of anti and their opinion of people who buy or own weapons and the 2ND amendment. Everyone who is white is now a "White Nationalist". Man Who Asked For Gun To Kill 200 People Says He's Not A Killer, Just A Leftist - Blue Lives Matter “Passing by the gun section of the store...
  17. New Night Vision for Military

    Looks interesting, I want one. Good video in article. Probably needs a lot of power/batteries. New in 2019: Soldiers, Marines will start getting these advanced night vision goggles this year
  18. Florida's red flag law

    I wonder how long it will be before owning a firearm will be a mental illness? According to the report, every petition filed under the order in Pinellas County has been granted by the judge, with the vast majority involving people with a previous history of mental illness.Hundreds of gun owning...
  19. Illegal guns flowing into the UK

    Police struggle to stop flood of firearms into UK Obligatory statement about how are there illegal guns when they are illegal. Funny part is the pictures, they take two guns and make it into three. I was wondering if I was seeing a new type of CZ, but arranged to make it look scarier.
  20. Toy Gun exchange program

    Not a joke unfortunately. NY officials mocked for hosting toy gun buyback: 'Take my Nerf from me when you pry it from my cold dead fingers' Former NYPD officer Sean Acosta, who supplied the more acceptable toys for the exchange, spoke to Hempstead schoolchildren at an event announcing the...
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