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  1. WTS Men's Black Leather Jacket, Size 4 XLT/Tall

    Men's 4XLT/Tall Leather Jacket in Great Shape. Worn very few times. No cuts, no cracks, no blemishes. It is labeled Harbor Bay and purchased from Casual Male. I'm asking $200 for it which is less than half the cost of a comparable new coat (over $400). Unfortunately, I can't deliver it as I...
  2. WTB Old NMortise Locks

    I'm looking for a few old mortise locks to replace damaged ones in my home. Unfortunately the ones I am looking for seem to be more rare than the usual ones encountered so far. I'm posting a couple of pictures and a drawing of the lock. I've noted in the drawing the important dimension that...
  3. Weat Dennis area Fishing Spots request

    I've been invited to go to West Dennis for a day and want to do a little salt water fishing. Anyone got any advice for locations where I might have any degree of success? Pier, bridge, beach,etc. I am totally unfamiliar with the Cape for the most part. It dosn't have to be in W. Dennis...
  4. WTS AMMO Boxes

    $50 for ten. Must pick up. Located in area of Rtes 9 & 128, Northern Norfolk County. SOLD PENDING FUNDS
  5. WTS Thule 2 Bike Hitch Rack - $100/BO

    A Thule Classic Rak N Lok two bike rear hitch bike rack for two bikes. No lock. $100/BO, Excellent condition. Pm me if interested, Thanks, Patriot
  6. WTS Ammo Boxes

    SOLD, Thanks.
  7. WTS Tandem Double Stroller - No Longer Available - Stolen from my driveway!

    Some Cretin came along and stole it from the end of my driveway so it's no longer available, sorry. Location : Northern Norfolk County Description : Tandem Double Stoller Tandem Double Stroller in excellent condition - New last year. Used about six times.
  8. Anyone looking for lead?

    There is a guy from Foxboro advertising WW lead ingots for sale over on cast boolits. Here's the link:
  9. Ruger 10/22 Rail

    Anyone ever put a rail on a 10/22? I've got this Trijicon Reflex II that needs a home and my 10/22 seems like a good place for it.
  10. A2 buffer tube depth measurement

    Can anyone measure the depth of a standard a2 buffer tube for me? I'm getting around 9.75". (Still trying to solve my AR problems.)
  11. Mosin Nagant Reloading Questions

    Anyone reload using lead for the Mosin? Is Mosin brass berdan primed? I guess most of the mil surp stuff is? I looks like I can use my 311291 (170 gr) or 311284 (205 gr) bullets for this if I can get some brass. I was thinking about 2400 as a powder. If you know of a place that...
  12. Mosin Questions

    What caliber would a Russian Mosin be? (Yes, it's true. I know nothing about MilSurps!)
  13. The hypocrisy is overwhelming - not just the libs either.

    It's been a real ride since the Ct. shooting and I couldn't help but be amazed at the extreme hypocrisy I have seen regarding these two events. I shouldn't be surprised but what amazed me is that these morons either don't have fundamental cognitive skills or are agenda driven to the extreme. I...
  14. New Zealand Hunting for Red Stag

    I came across this over on cast boolits and enjoyed the heck out of it. Thought it might be of interest to you folks.
  15. S&W J-Frame Trigger Job Question

    Is it possible to get a trigger job on a S&W J-Frame without getting into light primer strikes? Why is it that the hammer strike is integral with trigger pressure? I like my triggers but the occasional light strike pisses me off. Finally, is there any way to have your cake and eat it or am I...
  16. How-To Crimping of Revolver Cartridges

    I found this over on castboolits and thought it might help some of our newer reloaders.
  17. Another case for using a Lee FCD?

    I'm having problems seating my lead bullets in my cases. It seems that (in my opinion) the friction required to seat them will bulge the case, usually near the bottom. In the picture below I have two .327 Mag cases and the one of the left was seated exactly like the one on the right. The...
  18. Crimping problem

    My issue seems to be that the .38 Spl Dillon crimp die puts on a step style crimp rather than a true roll crimp that forces the end of the case into the boolit. That style of crimp covers both of the crimp grooves before you get a solid crimp. I was wondering if someone is familiar with crimp...
  19. Anyone using the Redding Dual Ring Carbide Sizing Dies?

    Anyone using the Redding Dual Ring Carbide Sizing Dies? If so, how do you like it? Is it working for you and is it doing all you thought it would? Thanks
  20. Small Rifle Primers in .38 Spl

    I have some small rifle primers (Rem 7.5 Bench Rest) and loaded twenty of them in .38 Spl cases with WST and 148gr DEWC's. Shooting them out of a S&W 642 it was an interesting experiment. The 642 has had a 'trigger job' which definitely lightened the hammer strike and most would not fire in...
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