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  1. PSA: Honor your WTS deal too much to ask?

    Negative feedback sounds an awful lot like pitching a temper tantrum because you didn't get the deal you wanted.
  2. WTS Whiskey! Cleaning out the liquor cabinet.

    Moving and cleaning out the liquor cabinet. Nothing special here, just my daily drinkers that I never opened - I'd rather sell them than try to move them. Strikethrough price is what I paid at the local liquor store. Will sell individually, but I'd prefer someone take all 5 bottles for $150...
  3. bug out bag contents advice needed

    Classic prepping mistake - building a bag without a plan. You're putting the cart before the horse. Take a step back and write a bug out plan first. What threats are you likely to face? How would you respond to those threats? What tools and supplies do you need to execute that response...
  4. Tried rejoining Holbrook Gun Club

    I missed a year at Westford, and they wanted me to pay the initiation fee and go through the full initiation process all over again. I decided to go elsewhere instead.
  5. Help, anyone in brockton?

    Was an arrest warrant issued?
  6. Help, anyone in brockton?

    Text messages are all well and good, but you'd think that the police would, I don't know, arrest the guy and ask him where the car is.
  7. Benchmade knives

    Yes they will, so long as it's a genuine Benchmade knife. I just sent a Benchmade knife I bought from Amazon back to Benchmade for warranty repairs. Benchmade will honor the warranty, but they make you sign a sheet that basically says you're aware there are counterfeit knives out there, and...
  8. Help me choose a multitool

    Leatherman Charge TTi. Features a s30v main blade, very high quality steel, non serrated (half serrated blades are a waste of blade, IMHO). Also has a 420HC fully serrated blade, if you feel you need serrations. Comes with 2 bit drivers (large and small), which I find very useful. It's a...
  9. WTS Motorcycle gear: Joe Rocket jacket, pants, Draggin jeans, kevlar shirt, helmets, etc

    I'm clearing out all my motorcycle gear. I sold my bike a few years ago when I got married and had a kid, and this stuff has sat in the closet ever since. Most of this gear was only worn a couple times before I put it away, and it all looks like new. I have it all on Craigslist priced at...
  10. Long Gun Safe

    You can insulate the safe (just get few sheets of thin insulation from Home Depot), then install a dehumidifier (GoldenRod or similar). Shouldn't be a problem. Just check your guns periodically, and wipe them down with a thin layer of oil if they're going to sit there for a while.
  11. Embarrassed with my carry gun.

    This is the best advice here. A good instructor will be able to diagnose your problem and give you the tools to improve. You can practice all you want, but if you're practicing the wrong way, you're just betting ingraining bad habits. If you know what you're doing wrong, you can practice to...
  12. Unable to reply to classified ads

    Read the rules, commenting on classified ads is not allowed.
  13. Zombies attack right now

    Half case of Champagne, and I'll be styling while I do it. Let's hope there aren't more than six zombies.
  14. What to do in the event there is no cell service?

    Also, has anyone considered getting a satellite phone for emergency purposes? At first glance it seems there are options out there that would keep a sat phone available for emergency use for only a few hundred dollars a year. Seems like it might be worthwhile...
  15. What to do in the event there is no cell service?

    I think this is the key question. It seems there are too many variables depending on your local service, you need to reach out to them explain the best way to contact them in an emergency. Also you should consider who your second call is going to be to, if your local service is unavailable...
  16. 72 Hour Bag for Infants

    My bag is compartmentalized, which makes things easy to find and easy to restock. Easily accessible (outside pouch) • terry cloth towel or handkerchief • pacifier or teething toy (for an infant) • toy or stuffed animal for a quick distraction • bottle (infant) or juice cup (toddler) •...
  17. 72 Hour Bag for Infants

    Yes, a 72 hour bag for an infant is basically a well prepared diaper bag, but it’s got to be fully stocked and with quantities to last 72 hours. At first I thought we could rely on my wife’s diaper bag, but I quickly realized that her bag would get depleted after a half day with the baby, and...
  18. Family problems with guns

    Hard to believe your family is as tight as you claim, if they're going to kick you out and "make you homeless" because you own a gun. But as they say, "My roof, my rules." Perhaps it's time to man up and get your own place...
  19. S&W 1911 45 acp

    A limp wrist will contribute to tossed brass more than a recoil spring or extractor.
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