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  1. WTB Benelli M3

    Looking for a Benelli M3 Message me if you’ve got one to sell. All laws followed.
  2. WTS Rolex - Steel & 18KT Gold Submariner Blue dial model R168033

    SOLD PENDING PAYMENT One owner gorgeous 1987 Steel & 18K Gold Submariner Bluesy. You will not find a nicer example anywhere. This watch was seldom worn, always well cared for and just returned from service from the highly respected Rolliworks in CA. Look at the pictures, the watch is in...
  3. WTT WTT - Remington Gun Club 12GA 1-1/8oz #9 for 20GA shells or 209 Primers

    I have several cases of new factory Remington Gun Club 12GA, 1-1/8oz, #9 shot light target loads. Willing to trade for: 209 Shotgun primers #9 lead shot Alliant 20/28 powder Alliant Unique Powder Alliant ExtraLite Powder Hodgdon Clays Powder Factory Clay target shotshells in 20, 28, or 410...
  4. WTT 4LBS Winchester 296 / H110 .....................

    I have a fresh unopened 4lb container of Winchester 296 (same powder as Hodgdon H110) Looking for trades only at the present time: 209 Shotgun primers #9 lead shot Alliant 20/28 powder Alliant Unique Powder Alliant ExtraLite Powder Hodgdon Clays Powder Factory Clay target shotshells in 12, 20...
  5. WTB Apple Watch

    Looking for a cheap date Gen 3 42mm to hold me over until the Glen 5's come out later this summer. Current watch is on the fritz. Anybody want to help a brother out?
  6. WTS Pro1 thermostat w/ system averaging and 2 remote sensors

    I have a very nice Pro1 thermostat which includes two remote sensors. This unit with remote sensors allows to to temperature average (locally, remotely, or both) to overcome difficult to regulate areas of your home. It is also capable of ignoring temperature sensing at the main control and will...
  7. Federal Cartridge lays off 110 workers in Anoka

    http:// I wonder if this is more a return to normal levels sort of thing?
  8. Barrel Buddy gun cleaning - Anybody use this?

    Just wondering if anybody has tried these. My curiosity is for smooth bore shotgun barrels. They look interesting.
  9. Inexpensive Pistol Racks

    Got a promotional e-mail from these guys a week or so ago: They had what the called "Pliers Racks" on sale for $5.99 each, two of them delivered ended up costing me $19.97 Link to item here: I took a chance...
  10. NEW from Slide Fire @ Shot Show
  11. Kittery has 223 available

    In case anyone was looking, this was in stock as of today! One per customer.
  12. New Pistol from Ruger!

    New Commemorative Pistol Ruger is coming out with a new pistol in honor of the United States Senate and House of Representatives. It will be named the "Congressman." It doesn't work and you can't fire it.
  13. Now anyone can be a sniper

    Very cool technology!
  14. Changing combination on Stack On Elite Gun Safe - Mechanical dial

    I have a Stack On Elite 24 gun safe with a mechanical dial. These dials are made in China for Stack On, they do not use a "change key". Does anyone know the procedure for changing the combination on their mechanical dials? I do have the current combination, so entry is not an issue. I...
  15. NES Members Shoot 3-20-2010 - Here's some of what you missed! Photo thread.

    For those of you that are not GREEN members here, this is just a taste of what you missed today! A big thank you to Mansfield for hosting. Great people, great facility, great food, great friends, great fun! Will add more as time allows.
  16. Anyone reload 410 for skeet shooting?

    I want to start reloading 410 shells for skeet shooting, all hints, tips, and advice is greatly appreciated. From the research I've done I'm leaning towards the following spec. Winchester AA HS hulls Winchester 209 primers Clay buster wads (said to be a direct replacement for Winchester...
  17. Who's shooting tomorrow?

    I have a pass from the Mrs. to shoot tomorrow. [smile] Trying to decide, do I stay in Sharon and shoot skeet, or do I search for an invitation to shoot evil rifles at another club near by? What say you.
  18. Optics Planet $10 off $100 coupon

    Just got this in my e-mail, thought I would share. is offering $10 OFF when you spend $100 or more on your order use coupon code 4WKR94T expires 9/13/09
  19. My sleepy little town, not so sleepy anymore.

    My sleepy little town, not so sleepy anymore. [shocked]
  20. Junior Rifle Program looking for some help.

    At the last monthly meeting of The Sharon Fish and Game Club the leaders of the Junior Rifle Program asked for some help and I thought I would place a post here in the off chance that someone might be able to lend a hand. The Junior Rifle Program has three rifles that they are trying to get...
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