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  1. NIB MEC Jr 16 gauge

    I have a brand new, unopened, MEC Jr 16 gauge press. I bought it before I bought my next love a 20 gauge Weatherby O/U (not made in 16 unfortunately). Looking for $215 and I'll throw in 2 bags of 1 oz wads to get you started. Grog
  2. 7mm X 57mm R ammo

    I've got 2,000 rounds PPU 7 x 57R still in original shipping packaging with invoices. Paid $1600.00. I know I'll take a hit, any interest?? Let me know. Grog
  3. Looking for a Skeet gun

    O/U or SxS as long as it's choked right, either skeet 1 or skeet 2 a mix there of. Willing to travel to get a good one. Not a stickler on brand. PM me if you have or have a line on one. Thanks Grog
  4. 7 X 57mm R For sale

    I have 2,000 rounds of 7x57R that I paid $1,700 for in 2020, I'll part with it for $1,000 or BO. Let me know if there is any interest out there. Grog
  5. Large Pistol Primers

    I have 5,000 large pistol primers, Fort Smith brand. $600 makes them yours. PM me if interested. Grog
  6. Springfield Armory Range Office jamming

    So it's worked flawlessly until now, last two time out it's failed to feed constantly and even if it feeds the trigger is locked as if the safety is engaged! Thoughts? I've cleaned it thoroughly but with no improvement.
  7. 7 x 57 R ammo stash

    I've got 4,000 rounds I want to unload. I know it's a vague european style cartridge but I wanted to put it out there in case anyone has a need for it before I dump it on the "internet"! Let me know guys, thanks Grog
  8. Anyone need 7x57 R ammo?? I have 4k rounds to unload.

    Just wondering? I know it's really a vague, european style round but I thought I'd put it out there to see what bbubbles up. Let me know guys. thanks, Grog
  9. Guidance for using cast

    Guys, I'm about to start reloading some .38 Special for my brother but I've never used cast bullets. They are 125 gr RNFP. The load data for jacketed rounds looks a little heavy compared to what I read online for cast rounds but I can't find my powder online. It's VihtaVouri 3N37. Any help would...
  10. looking for 7x57mm rifle

    I have a German 7x57 Mauser that is extremely accurate, looking for another rifle of a newer make in the same caliber to use in place of my 1895 Mauser!!
  11. Reloading for an 1895 Mauser

    Guys, I need some help here, I was going to start reloading for my old mauser but Hornaday book says not to use the specified loads for the older guns. Thoughts? Experiences? Advice?
  12. Large pistol primers

    I've got 5,000 large pistol primers still in original packaging to trade for small pistol or whatever else you may have that I may want!! Let's talk. Grog
  13. Large Pistol Primers

    I have 5,000 large pistol primers new in original packaging available for whatever amount you want/need. Will trade for small pistol primers or whatever you have that I may want. Let me know. Grog
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