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  1. 2022 Deer Season

    Did that deer get taken close to a nuclear plant or something? Check it with a Geiger counter before eating it.
  2. Deer has Covid

    Deer supposedly has COVID now. I’m going to do my part to stop the spread and will shoot any buck I see that doesn’t wear a mask or cannot produce a...
  3. Ron Spomer: Answering an Anti-Hunter

    I know I'm preaching to the choir here, but I though this was a good read:
  4. Blue Hills

    Get used to it. Within 10 years I bet the whole state of Massachusetts will be bow only for deer hunting.
  5. Spring Turkey 2020

    It was indeed a somewhat unusual season. I would call, they would gobble back once, then complete radio silence. And as you, I was also having a hard time finding gobblers the night before. I think they unusual winter may have had something to do with it. They seem to be more comfortable...
  6. Spring Turkey 2020

    Went out with my youngest son today. Nothing early on, but as we were driving around we saw a couple in a field. Snuck into the forest to get them on the other side and started calling. Then a monster Tom comes in; biggest and nastiest turkey I have ever seen, the beard was so long that it...
  7. Cape Turkeys

    It may be drowning in turkeys, but it’s probably also drowning in hunters. Risky business.
  8. Spring Turkey 2020

    I was out today also. Not a single gobble to be heard anywhere. Drove by a bunch of fields when going home - nothing. Maybe the stinkin turkeys are in coronavirus lockdown or something. But we'll get them; the turkeys have to be lucky every day, while the hunter only has to be lucky one day.
  9. Spring Turkey 2020

    Looking forward to seeing many nasty gobblers here soon. Good luck out there!
  10. How to Hunt Turkeys in Any Weather

    I swear, turkeys can both read signs and tell time. Always hiding behind “Posted” or “No Hunting” signs. But after 12pm when hunting stops, then they are everywhere.
  11. What have you seen lately?

    Really; do they actually attack big red shiny objects?
  12. What have you seen lately?

    Brought my big DSLR with 200mm lens with me when out walking earlier this week. View:
  13. Bear meat

    I have too much meat from last fall's bear hunt. Anyone want some for free? It's nothing wrong with it, and it has been vacuum packed and frozen the whole time, I just have too much for me to eat. Most of it is ground, but there are also some other pieces. PM me if you want it. I'm in...
  14. Wild game butcher recommendations

    I used them in the past too and they were excellent, but unfortunately they don't process wild game anymore.
  15. Tell me about bear hunting (RESULT in post # 13)

    Well, I got my bear! Had been waiting for a few hours and was sitting screwing around with my phone when I suddenly see the bear coming in to my left. It's truly amazing how such a large beast can be so silent. It took a good 10 minutes for it to come in, it was sniffing in the air, looking...
  16. My new ringtone!

    Hillary Clinton and Nancy Pelosi complaining about the 2016 election
  17. Tell me about bear hunting (RESULT in post # 13)

    I'm going on my first black bear hunting in northern NH this coming September; hunting from a tree stand over bait. Got a big nice gun in .375 H&H that should take care of business, but what else do I need? I'd be grateful for any advise; do's and don't do's, what to look for, other equipment...
  18. Turkeys not moving when called

    I swear some turkeys can both read signs and tell time. Always going about their business safely behind "POSTED" signs, but after 12pm when legal hunting is over, they are out in every field.
  19. Turkeys not moving when called

    Am I the world's worst turkey hunter or what? Was out again this morning for the final (for me) hunt for this season. As I walk in to set up around 4am, I scare up a stinking black bear!! Thankfully it took off without issues. Never seen anything like it. Later, after having sitting for...
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