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  1. Pro-gun congressman explains how low-caps magazines won’t fit…

    This guy tries inserting random low-cap magazines in his guns to prove a point and I think he fooled the antis. I think he even tries sticking a 1911 .45 7 rounder into a Sig 9mm. View:
  2. TSA finds sword cane at Logan - man pleads ignorance…

    I’ve been intrigued by sword canes.
  3. WTB Glock 19 in DT, BG or ODG (factory not cerakote)

    Looking to buy a Glock 19 in either Desert Tan, Battlefield Green or OD green. I may consider other finishes too, so let me know if you have something different.
  4. Speer Gold Dot LE 45 GAP 200 Grain Hollow Point 50 rounds

    Bought by mistake didn’t realize it until after it shipped. $30 pick up in Reading area. Must have MA LTC. Selling Terms : Venmo or Cash face to face, no shipping. Price : See above. Contact Information: pm All laws followed. Statement of Legal compliance: When ammunition, magazines or...
  5. Unauthorized transfer of firearms from State Police Armory?

    Anyone know more about this? Just heard on Fox25 that 3 staties have been suspended without pay for some unauthorized transfers of surplus firearms to a state "authorized" vendor. Fox has the officers names but won't release them yet...
  6. Bringing a rifle from Canada into the US by my parents...what's process?

    My parents live in Ma but they own a home in Nova Scotia that they inherited from my grandfather. They will be selling it and are in Canada now to pack some things up. One thing they want to bring back is a Winchester 30/30 rifle. They are both in their mid 70s and neither has an LTC or FID...
  7. The Gun Box Echo

    This looks like a nice gun box. The price is high but I like their intent, which is to bring the gun box out from under the bed and on to the counter or coffee table. Big Bertha sounds interesting too. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. Man Allegedly Attempts Carjacking with Sword and Throwing Star

    Lucky the driver wasn't one of us. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. Cameron C. Crimefighter is an a-hole.

    No charges for man who left rifle at Utah Capitol. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. WTS Misc baby items

    I have a portable play pen, two diaper bags and a day sleeper for sale. Sent...
  11. Several firearms stolen in Westborough

    Didn't see this mentioned yet. Not a lot of details yet. Hope it (the victim) wasn't anyone here. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. "Executive Order Banning Online Gun Talk – What To Do About It"

    I didn't see this posted yet... Here's the link...
  13. WTS 2013 Ford Explorer WeatherTech Digitalfit floorliners

    I have a set of 1st, 2nd and 3rd row Weathertech floorliners for sale. Used for 2 years, they show minimal wear. Ill post actual pics later this week when I can clean them up. $125
  14. No license check to handle firearms at Bass Pro?

    My buddy and his wife went to Bass Pro last night at Patriot Place and got to handle a SW 500 without any sort of a license check. Neither is licensed. I thought that was a little odd. Anyone else not get ID'd when handling a firearm at a gun shop?
  15. New gun shop in Woburn?

    I was driving down Washington St in Woburn the other day and noticed a sidewalk sign for a gun shop. It's on the second floor above the computer place in between Staples and the gas station with the D&D. I haven't been able to drive past again. Has anyone stopped by there yet?
  16. Reading High School Shelter in place "drill"...possible 4A violation?

    I just got this email from my son's school. At first I thought is was just another ALICE drill. They have been doing them in all the schools. They usually lock down the school, have the kids shelter in place and then sweep the school. This time it seems that they are searching lockers and the...
  17. Mental health check part of LTC process now?

    I was looking at the Reading, MA PD's website today and I saw something interesting regarding the licensing process... Link to licensing page Is this something new? I haven't seen a mental health check mentioned before and I certainly didn't go through one when I got my license.
  18. Air Marshall Director stepping down amid probe

    I'm not exactly sure what he did that was illegal, but apparently Congress isn't happy.
  19. I need an upper...

    So I purchased a nice Colt preban AR-15 A2 lower recently, but I am having trouble finding a suitable upper. Part of my problem is that a lot people sell uppers in different stages of completion. I've seen stripped ones, some with a forward assist, some without, some with a barrel, some without...
  20. Non resident magazine purchase?

    Can a MA LTC holder go to New Hampshire and purchase magazines without a nonresident New Hampshire license?
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