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  1. Detete

  2. How True

    Hopefully not a dupe
  3. NH Man Cleaning Gun Fires Bullet Into Neighboring Apartment Where Teen Was Sleeping Rule number 1 clear gun before cleaning.
  4. Police-arrest-east-wareham-man-who-left-loaded-handgun-in-cooler-on-residents-back-porch Strange
  5. Man Shot While Selling Car Doors Outside Methuen McDonald’s

    Man Shot While Selling Car Doors Outside Methuen McDonald’s It takes some kind of stupid to meet someone at 11 pm to sell car doors.
  6. Brockton Boy Wounded In Paintball Attack

    Brockton Boy Wounded In Paintball Attack BROCKTON (CBS) — Cody Hilts was outside playing with a couple of other kids on Ford Street in Brockton when a car pulled up and someone shot at them. The 12-year-old didn’t know what hit him. “I thought it was a real gun and I started freaking out and...
  7. Another reason not to watch the Patroits

    Patriots Lend Team Plane To Students, Victims' Families For 'March For Our Lives'
  8. Ohio kindergartner brings real gun for show and tell

    Child mistakenly thought firearm was a pellet gun ALLIANCE, Ohio — A misguided attempt at show and tell resulted in Alliance police responding to a report of a gun found on a city school bus early Friday. An all-call message from Alliance Early Learning School principal Tim Calfee went out to...
  9. Who would try to take a loaded gun in a carry on
  10. Chick music station has a visitor.
  11. Wanted Sex Offender Arrested After Allegedly Firing Flare Gun At Yarmouth police What a complete waste of a human, too bad he wasn't shot dead.
  12. Haverhill recent grad shot and killed. Some thing fishy here. Friends say Finn enjoyed spending money, particularly on jewelry and nice clothes. Investigators returned to the home Wednesday night, appearing to remove a piece of evidence from underneath Finn’s BMW.
  13. Brockton gun buyback This feel good shit will make Brockton a much safer place.[rolleyes]
  14. Refused a LTC I guess he was will loose his appeal A better article.
  15. Gun store in Bourne

    It is on rt 28 at the Cape muscle and speed building, any info?
  16. Bill Aims To Take Guns From Those At Risk Of Inflicting Harm The bill would let family members and police ask a judge to impose what supporters call an “extreme risk protective order” against individuals experiencing a personal crisis and at risk of dangerous...
  17. Gorsuch Confirmed to Supreme Court
  18. Road rage in Marlboro This guy sounds like a prize.
  19. Multi town gun buyback central MA. Gun owners from any city or town can drop their weapons off anonymously at a participating police station. The police departments are offering gift cards worth $25 per rifle, $50 per pistol and $75 for...
  20. Gun ban proposed at Easton town hall It’s like they are being pre-judged as being a bad person and not competent to carry the weapon that they legally are entitled to have and carry, just because they are volunteering on a board or committee,”...
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