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  1. 1911 Gunsmith in Eastern MA?

    once you find the secret entrance.... well not secret just unmarked.
  2. 17-year-old arrested in killing of 2 people in Kenosha

    He has a YouTube channel with 80K subs and zero content.....
  3. In your world is there any such thing as too cold to shoot???

    I ran into a junior trap team from Alaska at one of the national championships and the coach told me their tradition of a New Year's day shoot. The only problem was semi auto's as the grease and lube tended to freeze at -20 deg F but other than that is was good to go each year. me? not so much....
  4. Colorado Springs LGBT Club Mass Shooting

    and for the real news you need to go overseas, too much fu&ky here for me to understand.... Colorado gay club shooter is NON-BINARY and uses they/ them pronouns, lawyer says - as it's revealed estranged father is MMA fighter and PORN STAR named 'Dick Delaware'...
  5. How much do you need for retirement

    Save all your life and the govt wipes it all away with a couple of years of out of control inflation, suckers......
  6. Charging LEOs to use Club Range

    The local PD treated out range like crap, shot the heck out of it and left it dirty. Rather than raise a stink, we just said that "Insurance does not allow us to have non members on the range" and they moved on.
  7. How much do you need for retirement

    The Fidelity free planning tool is pretty damn good. It took me less than an hour to link my accounts and build the plan to start playing "what if?"
  8. 870 ejector repair/gunsmith recommendations

    @andrew1220 , @mattpilotte My bad, I'll pay more attention next time, I can't find an ejector at Brownells and Midway as well
  9. 870 ejector repair/gunsmith recommendations

    @mattpilotte Watch the whole series, you can order an ejector (order 2 they are cheap), it is not a hard deal. Field strip, clean and understand your firearm before using, that's what I do. View:
  10. Generac Portable Recall

    Me too, I've moved mine a bunch.
  11. Ammo industry: Won't see prices return to normal until 2023

    and the market responds: Ammunition maker to invest $60M in Georgia plant, hiring 600 ELLABELL, Ga. (AP) — An Italian-owned company will...
  12. Dedicated Waterfowl Shotgun

    My crazy duck hunting buddies all run Benelli's because of the weather resistance. Duck guns get wet, muddy and freaking dirty compared to their upland friends. My Super Black Eagle has a chrom lined barrel and ran great the couple of times I've gone. I'll admit, lying there in the mud and swamp...
  13. Dedicated Waterfowl Shotgun

    Used Benelli super black eagle? I have a left hand action one and it runs great.
  14. Mare's Leg

    not on the special MA list for new sales I suppose?
  15. Precision, adjustable 10/22 stock

    Brain trust, @bigblue I have a very nice Kidd 22, their 10/22 knock off and it shoots very accurately. When I bought it, I got a standard stock which doesn't fit me very well. I need to increase the LOP and would like an adjustable comb. With the price of ammo going nuts, I plan to spend some...
  16. Sticky Browning Cynergy Plastic Stock - Duracoat Settlement experience?

    I registered, printed the forms and will ship in the next week. It’s a nice gun.
  17. Releasing a wolf from a "Foot Hold" Trap

    My instruction on how to release a wolf from a leg hold trap Shoot and kill Wolf Remove Trap SSS
  18. Sticky Browning Cynergy Plastic Stock - Duracoat Settlement experience?

    About 14 years ago I bought a Browning Cynergy Sporter with synthetic stock and the gun performed well. It has been sitting in the back of my temperature and humidity controlled safe for the past five years untouched. I pulled it out a couple of weeks ago to go on a bird hunt and found the stock...
  19. Remington 1100 not cycling

    @mcshooter Here is part 1 of a 4 part series from Brownells on how to disassemble, clean and put back together an 1100. Order up a bunch of O rings, they always go bad at the wrong time. As a previous post stated, but tape over the thread on the tube when putting the O ring in as not to nick it...
  20. Remington 1100 not cycling

    the O ring? That is a common cause.
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