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  1. WTS Henry padded gun case

    Like new, Henry padded gun case 43” long. Location: Middleboro Cost: $20 or BO Terms: FTF. Will meet local only
  2. WTS CZ Bobwhite withdrawan

    I have both 20 and 28 gauge for sale with 28” barrels, English stock, 5 choke tubes each and a hard case. Both guns have extremely low round counts and are in as new condition. Location :Middleboro Accessories : 5 chokes each plus hard case Selling Terms :FTF CASH EFA-10 Price :$600 each...
  3. WTB Iver Johnson TP-22

    I’m looking for an Iver Johnson TP-22 in decent shape for a reasonable price. thank you
  4. WTB Winchester AA 28 gauge hulls

    WTB Winchester AA 28 gauge hulls.
  5. WTS S&W Shield (9mm) Holsters

    Two S&W Shield 9mm holsters. One never used Alien Gear IWB $25 One Galco rarely used OWB $15 $30 for both Location: Middleboro
  6. WTS Cargo & Fishing Pole Rack

    I have a hitch mounted Cargo and Fishing rod holder for sale. Dimensions are roughly 35”X28”X 9” deep. This will fit most vehicle receiver. Location: Middelboro $85.
  7. What striker fired gun?

    I’m in the market for a striker fired gun for compatision (IDPA Steel Challenge). I’m not a Glock guy however I’ve narrowed my search to. Sig P320 or the H&K VP9. I understand the Sig trigger issues and I feel they’ve been resolved. What are the pros and cons to the two guns I’ve listed...
  8. AR lower

    I bought an AR lower from a group buy here about 6 years ago. Can I legally sell that lower now? Thank you in advance.
  9. AK-47 value

    Pardon me if this question has been asked but a friend of mine has a Yugoslavian AK-47 with a thumb hole stock. He has a few 30 round mags and he's interested in selling it. This gun has been in Mass for years. What do I need to know to help him put a proper value to it? Thank you
  10. Golden rod or light bulb?

    The Golden Rod in my safe burnt out, thisbisbthe second one. I noticed a spot of surface rust one of my guns. Long story short a fellow shooter suggested a 40W light bulb would do the same thing as the Golden Rod. The advantages would be that you see when the build expires and you may get...
  11. Looking for Mec shotshell loader service and repair shop

    Like the title says, I'm Looking for Mec shotshell loader service and repair shop in the South Shore area. Thanks in advance for your help.
  12. Transporting a shotgun on a commercial flight

    Just curious if anyone had a firearm go missing on a flight? I'll be traveling to South Dakota for a pheasant hunt in November. I'll need to change planes in Minnesota. I'm a bit concerned with the safety of my gun. Just curious of people's experiences. I suspect I could ship my gun...
  13. Shotgun primers (209)

    When loading shotgun shells for target shooting, does it matter if you substitute one manufacturer of primers for another? my recipe calls for Winchester 209, someone gave me a supply of Chedite and CCI 209's. Their is no published data that I can find that suggests its okay to use. I suspect...
  14. South Dakota Pheasant hunting lodge recommendation

    I plan to treat myself to a 60th birthday present next Fall (2015) by going on a pheasant hunt in South Dakota. I'm looking for hunting lodge recommendation. Thank you.
  15. Remington 1100 barrel help

    I needed a rifled slug barrel for my old 1100 2-3/4". I bought one from someone here, unfortunately I didn’t notice it was for a 3" and not 2-3/4. Does anyone know if it can be altered?
  16. To re-blue or not to be-blue

    I have a few S&W classic revolvers, nothing super old. The bluing is okay but not perfect. I love the old high luster blue finish. Can I get that great quality re-bluing that was standard on these old wheel guns or will re-bluing be sub standard?
  17. I found a 586 finally

    I've been looking for a reasonably priced S&W 586, 4-inch revolver for a long time. Those who have them aren’t selling them; those who are selling them are asking a lot of money. Friday I bought a real nice 586 from a real nice older gentleman. The whole experience was great; even my wife...
  18. Mag help Please

    I bought a used Sig pre-Ban high cap mag (P228). The mag funtions but doens't hold the slide open after the last shot. I'm assuming it's a spring of the follower. Sig doesn't sell Mag parts and of coruse this one is preban. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you
  19. To you rifle people, a question on worth

    I was lucky enough to win a Ruger American Rifle in .308. I'm not a big rifle shooter or big game hunter. I may want to sell this gun. Where would yo put its worth?
  20. WTS Lawn/Yard Roller

    I have a nice almost never used Lawn roller, you can either push it by hand or tow behind a tractor. Fill it with water to add weight. Location Middleboro Price $100 or BO
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