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  1. New Delay in Dartmouth MA Licensing

    9 mouths to get my wife renewell in Fall River
  2. Ltc renewalHow early

    my wife renewed in February called state hotline 2weeks ago pd still has not submitted app
  3. Could it be the End for Private Firearm Sales?

    He can eat a d*ck
  4. Gun Free zone lights

    You sure this isn't fake
  5. Federal judge orders AG Healey to appear for deposition Dec 13th

    The climate changes 4 times a year it's called summer fall winter and spring
  6. Anti-gun press event at the State House today?

    Vocal majority what was their 30 people there what a joke
  7. What's Going On In Boston Right Now (Gladstone Street)?

    I hope they get rid of LEO exception I think that's the only way this bull will stop and we can get LEO's on our side because it doesn't effect them
  8. T Shirt Fundraiser - CLOSED

    Ordered 2
  9. Total Gun Ban.. Clinton advisor caught on cam saying they will ban all guns.

    I hope WikiLeaks leaks Clinton foundation emails next
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