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  1. Latest Gun Acquisitions November 2022

    wallpaper deadmau5 Picked this up yesterday. Shadow Systems MR920 9mm.
  2. New Firearms Acquisitions January 2022

    New CZ 75D Compact. Will be the new carry gun
  3. New Firearms Acquisitions August 2021

    S&W 638 .38 Special.
  4. My Beretta Family Portrait

  5. Vaquero Gets Madeover

    I ditched the black plastic factory grips and put these Pvt Schultz-made spalted maple grips on the New Vaquero .45 LC. Much better!!!!
  6. New M1 Garand !!!!!

    I just picked up this Springfield Armory M1 Garand for a steal. It is in BEAUTIFUL condition. It came with all the original paperwork from the original owner's purchase from the DCM dated 4-1-1985. They paid $165.00 including shipping, and that's what they sold it to me for!!!!!! Score...
  7. My three amigos

    Hawes .44 magnum, Ruger New Vaquero .45 LC, and Ruger Blackhawk .45 LC.
  8. Panera Bread anti gun?

    I was at Panera Bread today for a coffee. I had my laptop and decided to check the internet and kill some time. I was using the Panera Bread's Wi-Fi connection. Well, their "security" filter denied me acces to GunBroker, the FiringLine Forums, and EBang. The filter's warning stated firearm...
  9. Pelham Fish & Game voted out of the MVPL

    The Merrimack Valley Pistol League team captains recently held a meeting regarding the Pelham Club's waiver of liability. The Pelham club mandated anyone shooting at their facility sign a liability waiver that, even due to "gross negligence" on the part of Pelham Fish & Game, waives ALL their...
  10. Finally changed AK to Russian Red Furniture

    From this: To this:
  11. Any local clubs hold .22 900 matches?

    A few of us are looking for .22 bullseye 900 matches. Anyone hold these near the Merrimack Valley area?
  12. Great week!!!

    So this past week I picked up a mint 7 1/2 inch S&W model 41. Gorgeous gun with a great trigger. Then my wife's LTC Class A w/NO restrictions came in the mail. Mind you, this was in Lowell, Ma. Great week.
  13. Looking for a good gunsmith near Lowell, Ma

    I just picked up a second S&W Model 41. I want to have the trigger done on this gun for bullseye matches. Anyone know a good gunsmith near Lowell? AG Guns in Lowell won't work on it, so besides them, any ideas?
  14. My S&W 41 may be spending more time in the safe....

    My Ruger Mark III just came back from the gunsmith today. [grin]I had a Volquartsen trigger, sear, target hammer, springs, and slide release installed. Plus I put on some Vitarbo grips. The trigger on this is SUPERB. It's a measured 2 lbs. and crisp as hell.[wink] This thing feels great in the...
  15. New grips, improved trigger...

    I got my S&W 1911 back yesterday from the gunsmith. The gun had a heavy/gritty 5 1/2 lb trigger from S&W. I took it down to a crisp 3 lbs. Sweet trigger now! I also put on the new cocobolo grips. What do you think? Better than the stock rubber grips?
  16. Show me or tell me about your .45 bullseye guns

    What do you guys/gals use for your red dot mounts on your .45 1911 style bullseye guns? Do you drill and tap the slide for the mount or use a "grip panel" type mount? Pics would help, I'm building a 1911 now and would like some of your thoughts. Thanks!
  17. New .45 to play with.

    My new plaything.....
  18. New S&W model 41 for me

    Here's my new toy. A 95% model 41 ready for bullseye matches. I had the day off and spent it browsing local shops and just couldn't go home empty handed. $600 used, but mint.[grin]
  19. New Sig 229

    Here's the new DAK 229. Shoots like a good revolver. Trigger is smooth and crisp. Great night sights, and near perfect fit and finish. I've put 350 rounds through it so far and I like it better than the Beretta 96 it replaces.
  20. New home for the boys.....

    Here's the pics of my new safe. It was delivered today![grin]
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