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  1. Brockton man arrested in Dorchester on firearm, drug charges

    It's always been that way down there. Many years ago some druggie stole one of our trucks while the driver was inside of a customers store making a delivery, the crime was reported, a couple of hours later one of our distributors comes back to the shop and said he saw the truck in Dorchester at...
  2. More police protecting and serving

    ^^Dupe!^^, on the same page no less! LOL!
  3. Charging LEOs to use Club Range

    After the Haverhill club let the Sheriffs boys use the range a bullet was "found" in someones house siding down range and they had to make everyone shoot through barrels after that. Never went back after that.
  4. RI to Mass inheritance

    Another AG's office fishing trip? OK, here goes, What guns?
  5. How are you carrying full-size .45s?

    I use a Cross breed Inside at 4 o'clock S&W scandium frame 1911, it's lighter that my Sig .40 (there, I said it, a .40) Belt I got from Duluth Trading and it is thick!
  6. Boston globe Mill article

    She has those crazy eyes, stay away.
  7. Boston globe Mill article

    It doesn't matter what your screen name is or what avatar you use, "they" know who you are and you are on a few lists.
  8. ‘Everybody Is Armed’: As Shootings Soar, Philadelphia is Awash in Guns

    Couple of weeks ago I had just flown into Logan from Vegas, while waiting for the bags to show up the baggage claim next to me was from Philly. Some chuckle head grabbed a bag that was not his and a wrestling match started right there. Yelling, pushing, shoving headlocks, you name it. Guy...
  9. More police protecting and serving

    Not enough for that shit show.
  10. Boston globe Mill article

    I can't get over that stone faced liberal that scolded the board for not doing their job and protecting and reading the minds of everyone in town. What a hoot. Then another lady set her straight as everyone is sent a booklet as to whats on the docket. The mind set of these people do not surprise...
  11. Boston globe Mill article

    WOW, what a bunch of ill informed Karen's!
  12. Man gets sucker punched, pulls out weapons and kills the perp… You Decide…

    Definitely a f*ck around and find out moment. That being said, the punch to the head may have spun his brain around hence the delay in defending himself. I would go with that.
  13. Pick up or in person at the PD?

    Most cops can't tell the truth, they lie so much it just falls off out of their mouth without even thinking about it because you are dirt to them. Not all, but most.
  14. Holyoke Bust

    Well, I just have to say it, NES name?
  15. Important Public Announcement

    Fap. fap, fap, fap.................
  16. Boston, Springfield begin to lift gun license restrictions after Supreme Court decision

    You get an "F" for posting something behind a paywall. Copy the article and paste it here so we can all enjoy please.
  17. Is 35 whelen a thing all of a sudden?
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