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  1. Down Range Firearms Training Review

    Hey guys, just wanted to give everyone a heads up on a pretty cool experience I had the other day while at Four Seasons... I saw some signs outside the shop for a judgmental shooting class offered by Down Range Firearms Training. I asked Matt behind the counter about and he told me that he...
  2. Source for subsonic ammo?

    Does anyone have a source that has subsonic ammo?...Preferably in stock. To be more specific, 9mm luger. Thanks!
  3. LaRue Tactical

    Just wanted to throw out yet another big +1 for LaRue Tactical. I had never purchased anything from them myself, but always saw their stuff on others guns. I needed a solid mount for my AR, so I ordered straight from LaRue. Not only were they great to deal with on the phone, but they even...
  4. *** NES Raffle for NES-100 WINNER = jshooter ***

    NES Member Raffle for NES-100 As some of you may know, a few months back NES lost a good friend, Bradley Ouimette, AKA Producer. Before Bradley passed, he had placed his order in our NES Member AR-15 Group Buy…His receiver was serial number NES-100. It was a complete lower w/A2...
  5. New acquisitions for May 2008

    Ok, let's see them!
  6. New acquisitions for April 2008

    Yep, it's April already...Let's see what you've got.
  7. Northeastshooters is the best

    I noticed yesterday that I was almost at a landmark post, and now I am...This is my 10,000th post [shocked] I just wanted to thank Derek, the other Mods, the NES Members, and everyone else who makes NES what it is. Northeastshooters has become a big part of my life and If the rest of you...
  8. Congress Attempting to Impeach Vice President Cheney???

    I just saw a quick glimpse about this on WHDH...They said more details to come. Did I miss something today???
  9. 20-Round Colt Preban AR mags on Gunbroker

    Here's a Gunbroker auction for some 20-round Colt preban AR mags: There are no bids as of right now!
  10. New Acquisitions for August 2007

    Well folks, it's August now...Show us what you've got!
  11. Leupold Varmint Hunter's Reticle

    Does anybody have any experience with a Leupold that has this reticle? What are your thoughts/opinions? I've almost convinced myself to go with this as opposed to a Mil-dot reticle, but wanted to see what others have to say first. Here's the quick breakdown of it for those of you who don't...
  12. Female Airman Punished for Threesome,13319,136750,00.html? Really?...For a drunken threesome? I know that this is the one killer line from the article: I can imagine that if this was truly a drunken threesome, they all would've been in that state...Whether wording...
  13. MidwayUSA Coupon code???

    Anyone have one for this month that they'd be willing to share? [smile]
  14. New acquisitions for May 2007

    Believe it or not, it's May already...Let's see what you guys got this month!!!
  15. New Acquisitions for April 2007

    Well, it's April now...Show us your new toys!
  16. NRA Life Membership = $1000

    Just noticed when I went to finish paying for my NRA Life Membership (I used the EPL, and am officially paid off now!) that the Life Membership went up from the $750 that I paid to $1000! If this is old news, please let me know. For those of you who have considered it, or continue to pay...
  17. Good video
  18. High School Locked Down - Oxford, MA They wouldn't say how much or what caliber, but "It's a small amount." They probably found a f***ing .22lr or something [thinking]
  19. Man vs. Wild on Discovery Channel

    Have any of you ever seen this show before? I was watching it while waiting for my oil change today, and it's a pretty awesome show!
  20. Different Frame Revolvers

    I was viewing jhrosier's Classified Ad, and item E4 "Pachmeyer grip for Colt D-Frame" and don't know what a D-Frame is. Could someone please tell me if my Python is a D-Frame revolver, or other? I would very much appreciate some help. While we're on the subject of X-Frames, could somebody...
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