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  1. New Acquisitions for March 2011

    A couple of new additions. The HUGE stainless steel blade is etched with "WINCHESTER PONY EXPRESS COMMEMORATIVE" and exhibits the famous Winchester logo of the Pony Express Rider. The absolutely beautiful handle is a genuine burl hardwood, and includes a comfortable finger-grooved grip...
  2. Show me your Colt Collection

    Just a few. [laugh2] [wink]
  3. Gun perception and the "average citizen"

    I've had firearms all of my adult life but my younger sister age 58 still freaks out when she sees one in my house. One time about 10 years ago, coming home from my club I put my range bag on the kitchen floor and my .38 revolver (holstered and unloaded) on the table. I wanted a quick snack...
  4. Show me your Colt Collection

    Knob Creek>> Very nice collection!
  5. New Acquisitions for March 2011

    Let's see it's 47 years old (looks good for her age, no?) if you'd like to shoot it you'd have to buy it from me. [laugh]
  6. S&W Quality (Revolvers)

    It was very interesting to watch. Each worker was given enough parts for a certain number of revolvers he was to built for that day, none extra. All guns or parts had to be accounted for at the end of his shift.
  7. New Acquisitions for March 2011

    No razor. Hell, I'm afraid to even breath near it! White gloves when I do handle it. [grin]
  8. Show me your Colt Collection

    Here's mine.
  9. S&W Quality (Revolvers)

    I've got a Model 66 4" made in the '80's and a Model 60 made in the '80's. I enjoy both of them. Back in the mid '70's I took a tour of the S&W factory and was amazed that each pistol was assembled by one person. The person who led us on the tour informed us that if a S&W revolver has a...
  10. New Acquisitions for March 2011

    Here we go! Got this late yesterday and she's a beauty! Colt Pony Express Presentation .45 Never turn or fired! Description of Firearm It is the Colt Pony Express Presentation SAA .45 Model. It was manufactured in 1964 and is one of only 1,004 made. It is a 2nd generation gun with the...
  11. MidwayUSA Discount Codes?

    Jim You could look in your "deleted folder" and the email might still be there?
  12. Anyone reload .45LC?

    I need 6 rounds of .45LC NOT LOADED for a display. If you can help me out I'd be willing to pay for for doing this. I just need six (6) with a lead RN bullet, no powder or live primer. Thanks!
  13. Question About Four Seasons

  14. New Acquisitions for February 2011

    skiman305 Nice 1100!
  15. Square and Round Butts

    Try here: or here
  16. LTC A IN Medford ( Restricted though)

    Det. Mulcahey was indeed very nice to my GF couple of years ago. She included a cover letter as a courtesy just saying she's a lifelong resident of Medford, etc. etc. I added to her letter this, "...and no I won't become a pistol packin' granny". She got her Class A - Hunting/Target, but she's...
  17. PETITION against New 2011 Anti-Gun Legistion

    Signed and the little lady also.
  18. What would make for a good "Pocket" gun?

    I like carrying my Beretta .25. I know, a little .25, light weight, doesn't print, no holster needed, it's better than nothing! [grin]
  19. test

    Just a test
  20. Stumbled across this video, old toy gun commercial

    I had both! On eBay
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