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  1. Ultrasonic Cleaner

    Natick location Looks to be at Cloverleaf with all their open spaces. Michael's moved to the old Circuit City location, so maybe that spot.
  2. Springfield PD Shoots Looters

    Doesn't seem like anyone is dead in this situation.
  3. e-FA10. It's officially a mess!

    That's why my post ends with
  4. e-FA10. It's officially a mess!

    Who's to say that the actual database with all the data isn't located on another network? There is ways to have the transfers merged back to the actual master database. Depending on the workflow they could be storing only the POSTED transfers on a public accessible site for a short period of...
  5. e-FA10. It's officially a mess!

    SSL provides two levels of protection. One is for encrypted traffic and that doesn't matter who signs the certificate. The other is to validate who you are talking with and that matters who signs it. If you dug into the certificate and really looked at it, you could see it was properly signed...
  6. e-FA10. It's officially a mess!

    Turning off a popup blocker, on this site or even just when you want that page to print, is a far way off from opening "security" problem. The certificate problem is more how your browser treats. As I was no prompted withing on Chrome.
  7. Where to get gun powder and primers?

    Another + for Heritage... I was there this past Sat. Even though they were moving locations and lots of stuff still packed up, they were helped me find everything I needed. They even gave some advice on what to get.
  8. Looking for some advice

    You should spend the money and talk to one of the lawyers mentioned on the site here. They are your best resource and know what to do. Just search again... This question comes up a lot.
  9. Ceramic tumbling media

    I placed my order with DrillSpot yesterday and payed the $1.99 for the expedited shipping and got it today.
  10. Article: Introducing NES Mobile

    very nice. Thank you
  11. Sharing a press?

    Moving the press from one location to another would seem to stink. Currently, I'm getting into reloading and my cousin and I are sharing the same press installed at one location. We will be splitting the cost of the items I already purchased and will re-load either together or whenever each of...
  12. Family Member Was a Road Rage Victim

    Glad he's going to be ok. This was one thing that really stuck out and when I took the Goal, "Art of the Concealed Carry" class, to defuse the situation. I don't care what someone random jerk thinks of me if I'm walking away unhurt. Even if I know I'm right, I will apologize and be on my way...
  13. Picture

    I'm pretty sure you have to be a GREEN paid member.
  14. woman was robbed this am at market basket

    Before reading the story I figured it was going to be in the parking lot, not in the actual store. That's just terrible. The cost savings is higher then $10per $100, which still isn't that bad at 10%. Then again getting mugged, hurt or even illed costs a lot more. I hate going to that store...
  15. GOAL "Metallic Cartridge Reloading" with "Eddie Coyle"

    Can't wait for the class next week... :)
  16. .380 Go BOOM!

    Wow.. Interesting to see a round fired outside a barrel.
  17. Make Your Own Shoot-N-C / Visishot style targets - no really!

    Nice work. That's a very interesting idea with the bag. I went through a bunch of type of spray paints layered over different types of paper. I found that some glossy poster board worked ok, but not great. My method was not much cheaper then the real stuff. Yet, I like you enjoy making things...
  18. Got my Unrestricted Class A!

  19. Getting ready to jump in

    That makes plenty of sense. Thank you for the insight. I always seem to want to run before I learn to crawl.
  20. Getting ready to jump in

    DukeInMaine, What type of presses doing you train people on? I know the principals are all the same regardless of press, but it would be nice to know that I'll learn on the press I have and can get understanding of the press technology and what to do with it. I purchased a Hornady LnL more then...
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