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  1. Show me your Colt Collection

    Here's mine.
  2. New Acquisitions for March 2011

    Here we go! Got this late yesterday and she's a beauty! Colt Pony Express Presentation .45 Never turn or fired! Description of Firearm It is the Colt Pony Express Presentation SAA .45 Model. It was manufactured in 1964 and is one of only 1,004 made. It is a 2nd generation gun with the...
  3. Anyone reload .45LC?

    I need 6 rounds of .45LC NOT LOADED for a display. If you can help me out I'd be willing to pay for for doing this. I just need six (6) with a lead RN bullet, no powder or live primer. Thanks!
  4. test

    Just a test
  5. Help me select my next compact pistol

    First, I've not seen or handled any of the below pistols so if you own one I'd appreciate your opinion. Second, I have fairly large hands and really hate it when any semi gives me that 'web-bite' on my hand. Third, I have two snubbie revolvers so please don't suggest a wheelgun. I've...
  6. PPK/s jams with snap caps

    My brand new unfired PPK/s .380 jams when I try to use A-Zoom snap caps. I tried two different mags. and the same thing, the 1st snap cap feeds, but won't eject and the second one jams. Any ideas why this is happening? Thanks.
  7. How It's Made - Uberti Revolvers

    Here's an interesting video I found so I thought I'd post it.
  8. Impulse gun purchase?

    Most of us have maybe done this, you're in a gun shop for ammo or supplies and while drooling all over the place you see that gun that seems to be calling to you....'take me home with you'. You ask the sales person if you can take a look at it and you love it. Your mind is racing about the...
  9. Show off your pocket pistols

    Colt Model 1908 Vest Pocket Pistol .25 Glock 27 Baby Browning .25 Beretta 950 Jetfire Not sure if this one is considered a pocket pstol, but I'm posting it anyway. Walther PPK/s .380
  10. As nice as they come 1911

    I'd love to buy this! C&R too.
  11. When you go to your favorite gun shop...

    This might be a dumb post but here goes. When you go to your favorite gun shop, what give you that ‘warm and fuzzy feeling’? Below are some of mine. Is it you feel you’re among fellow shooters that share a bond and to hang-out and chit chat? Is it you know what you want to buy and feel...
  12. BabyUpLULA™ now available

    I've been waiting for this to be on sale, it is. BabyUpLULA™ .22 to .380 cal. universal pistol magazine loader and unloader The BabyUpLULA™ is a military-quality universal pistol magazine loader and unloader designed for loading virtually...
  13. Fitting SAA grips

    I'd like to replace the grips on my 2nd gen. SAA. Every place I've looked for replacements state that 'minor fitting may be needed'. Now I'm not the handiest guy in the world and have never attempted to do this. What is needed as far as tools and know how to fit grips made of plastic or...
  14. Colt's newly designed website

    Just passing this along:
  15. New Acquisitions for December 2010

    OK, so I got this yesterday and posting it today.
  16. Ballistol - anyone use it?

    Anyone use this stuff? I read a few reviews and people seem to like it. But they said it's just awful. Just wondering if anyone on NES cares to comment on it. Thanks! [grin]
  17. Midwest 10% off AND FREE ground shipping

    Correction, my mistake it's Midwest Industries, Inc. Place ANY size order on Friday 11-26-10 to receive 10% off AND FREE ground shipping to the lower 48 states! ONE DAY ONLY!!! EVERY ORDER PLACED ONLINE WILL RECEIVE THIS DISCOUNT! NO CODE NECESSARY! Please note: the discount will be...
  18. Hey, is that a pre-ban mag.?

    OK, you’re at the range and shooting your AR15 using a legal pre-ban 30 round mag. Another club member comes over and says, “hey, those 30 round mags. are illegal (in Mass.)unless it’s a pre-ban mag., is it?” You don’t know this guy and have never seen him at the club before. How do you...
  19. MidwayUSA coupon codes

    Just got this email so I thought I'd pass it along. As you know, from time-to-time, Auction Arms is able to negotiate exclusive offers from our advertisers which provide solid value and benefit to our customers. Last time, so many Auction Arms users took advantage of MidwayUSA's generous...
  20. Most overrated handgun?

    What do you think is the most overrated handgun model? I found this question on another board and I thought I post it here.
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