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  1. Preban ar15 question

    Nobody can prove, not even Maura, that your rifle never, at any point prior to September 13, 1994 had a collapsible stock on it. In other words, put whatever you like on it, and stop worrying.
  2. Borrowing Muzzleloader for Deer Season

    But you can’t buy primers for that muzzleloader in MA without an FID or LTC.
  3. Fatal Bicycle Crash Under Investigation in Arlington

    Since a loaded gun was found, this will no doubt be counted as gun violence in order to boost up the numbers
  4. Estimates on P365 Time to Mass Roster

    Obviously, but my problem is that I haven’t found one anywhere yet, and believe me I have tried really hard!
  5. Estimates on P365 Time to Mass Roster

    Just saw this at my club today. Supposedly Sig is working on it, and maybe we'll see them in MA before towards the end of the year!
  6. Estimates on P365 Time to Mass Roster

    Has anyone heard any news recently if there will be a Mass approved Sig P365?
  7. Afraid to buy new toys?

    Buy ammo - get it cheap and stack it deep!
  8. 50 year old charge

    Looks like a "D" to me.
  9. Storing a shotgun for a friend

    No, that's not the scenario I'm asked about. The question was rather if my friend could buy the shotgun from a NH FFL, and he use it for hunting while in NH. After hunting, I store the receiver for him while he waits for his Mass. LTC to come in. But the whole question is moot anyway, since...
  10. Storing a shotgun for a friend

    A friend of mine completed his hunters ed class this weekend, and will take his LTC safety class on Thursday. Obviously he will not get his LTC in time to purchase his own shotgun in time for turkey hunting, and I cannot buy one for him with the intent of selling it to him later since that...
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  12. Curio and Relic license

    I recently got my Federal C&R license, and have a Massachusetts LTC class A unrestricted. With the C&R license, can I purchase for example an old Luger from Armslist or similar, and have it shipped to my personal home address? If yes, would I personally register the transaction with the state...
  13. Building an AR in MA

    Please forgive me the newbie question... Building an AR myself seems like a lot of fun. But I am not sure how the MA legal process around this will work. I know the rifle would have to meet certain criteria to avoid being in violation of the assault weapons ban, but there are other legal...
  14. Moving from CA to MA - compliance question

    Already tried that, but he wants to move back to MA to be closer to his aging parents.
  15. Moving from CA to MA - compliance question

    Hi, A friend will be moving from California back to Massachusetts towards the end of the year, after having worked there for 5 years. One of the items he wants to bring back is his M&P 15-22, the CA compliant version, this one: Product: Model M&P15-22 Rifle (Compliant) To be in compliance...
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