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  1. WTS Glock Parts / AR Tools - Clean-out - $80

    Cleaning out the basement and came across these. Selling as a lot, I'll ship them on my dime UPS. $80.00 OBO Glock Lower Parts - 3 Pin (P80) Complete Set Glock 19/23/32 Guide Rod AR Delrin Vise Tools from NO-MAR Barrel Lug and Stock Tools Thanks for Looking.
  2. New Carry Gun

    So I was in First Defense last night looking at different carry guns in 9mm. Does anyone have the PPS and how do you like it? I like the size but is the trigger all "Mass'ed" up? They also have a M&P 9c and a G26 so there are options. Thank you for your input!
  3. My co-worker the liberal

    There is a very fast talking, snake oil salesmen liberal who works with me in my office. He loves nothing more than to walk around and talk to anyone who still has the ability to listen to him about “his” President and how he will “change” this great country for the better. Most of the time I...
  4. Stopped for the first time with my firearm CC

    I wanted to share this as it was my first traffic stop in about two years and I had my firearm on me.… I was on my way over to my Mom’s house in Framingham last night to help her move furniture. My girlfriend and I were coming down Warren St and having a conversation about where to go to...
  5. Concealed carry through other states?

    I was in the local gun shop the other day and while waiting to check out I had a conversation with a fellow Class A holder. I have recently moved to Uxbridge and now will be driving throught R.I. to get to work in the morning. He assured me that if you are just passing throught a state to get...
  6. Goodbye Ted!

    Thank you for all your years of service and memories that can never be replaced! This state and all of New England should be thankful for your hard work and dedication!! Tedy Bruschi you will be missed!
  7. SRG Social Group

    The other day I was looking through the social group and noticed that Southborough Rod & Gun club did not have one…..Until now!! I have created the SRG Social Group, any members of SRG that would like to join please do……I met a few members at the Pig Roast and morning trap shoot and had no...
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