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  1. Anyone watching Build Box?

    Its on the outdoor channel on Wed. Its part of the gun talk media channel on youtube. Its a mix of shooting and building AR's. Been pretty good so far.
  2. Tula warewolf ammo

    Im just now breaking into my 2015 stash of steel cased 308 Tula. I forgot they had the Silver wash on the jacket for a year or so. Thought it was fitting for this time of the year.
  3. WTS Kyle Busch signed NASCAR helmet

    Signed replica full size helmet. Was won in a contest at work. I work for Interstate Battery. $300 or will take trade in ammo (9mm, 5.7x28 or .45) Located in New Bedford
  4. Anyone ever have a .22 blow up

    Thankfully the rifle and my extremities are in good shape. Not sure about my under pants yet. Happened in my 10/22 federal 36 gr. Pow pow then boom and the mag came flying out.
  5. AR upper decision

    Building a beater 16" AR. I am between these two. Any opinions on which way i should go?
  6. Ak drum issue

    So i bought this drum "new" last year and finally got around to loading her up when i noticed something different from my other drums. Seems the bottom piece of the ramp has detached which won't allow the drum to move freely because the cartridge gets caught on it. I am assuming some kind of...
  7. Magpul Mbus

    So after watching a few vids i noticed that i apparently have mine on backwards. Using logic i assumed having the button to flip them up towards the shooter made more sense. Videos on youtube prove me wrong. I don't think it really matters once you dial it in but does anyone else have their...
  8. 5.45x39

    Perhaps some hope going forward. The claim is that it is not from Russia and will be available sometime after they release their labeled 7.62x39. So id guess sometime in 2023
  9. Help me decide m1 garand

    So i have two cmp m1's. With the cost of 30-06 and me only having 1000 rounds left of surplus i don't shoot them much. I want to sell one to fund another gun but cant decide which one. So one is a 7 digit Springfield with a 1944 barrel and original stock. The second is a 6 digit Springfield...
  10. Golden ak

    If i had the money i totally would
  11. 1983 Russian SVD Unfired Going strong at 18,000
  12. Muzzle device on Mak 90

    I had my Mak 90 threaded for ak muzzle slant. My question for those who have done it is how did you secure it on? Did you weld it on? Did you loctite? Or a different method?
  13. EFA10 issue

    So i sold a firearm and did the normal ef10 bs but once i got to the end and the transaction was complete, It would not for the life of me print or save. No matter when i did it would load and never leave the page. I got the transaction number but the buyer obviously wants his copy of the efa10...
  14. Soviet Arms PSA

    Looks like PSA is making Tula Ak's. Guess that is where all the part kits have been going. I got excited for a split second, then remembered i live in mass. They posted a vid on YouTube but have no idea how to share that on here using my phone. Perhaps someone more tech savy can.
  15. Looks like this dealer stumbled on a hell of a collection.

    Check out some of these pieces this dealer is selling on gunbroker. For Sale – Buy at
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  17. Friend had nics deny him new purchase (finger print ?)

    My question is regarding the finger prints. He is in New Bedford and the police informed him they no longer do paper finger prints only digital. So in order to file the appeal he needs to get his prints done. Anyone have any idea where he can go?
  18. Anyone into gun patches?

    Seems to be a growing trend in the gun world. I don't really care for it but i do like decorating my ammo cabinets with stickers so i figured id through some patches on there also. I see a few companies that have a patch of the month club. Anyone into them? If so what company do you use?
  19. Muzzle brake issues

    So i bought two lynx 12 shotguns. I had bought a v6 muzzle brake that had good reviews and it worked great. Ordered another and had the same smith pin it on. I guess they screwed something up and told me they would order another and take care if it which they did. They refused to take payment...
  20. gunbroker game

    Just wondering if i am the only one who low bids a bunch of stuff all the time to see if i get away with wining something super cheap? I got lucky again wining a still in package 75 round chinese drum for $115. Although i am like 12 for 500 its still worth it. The key is to target low feedback...
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