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  1. I shot some machine guns today

    I popped my cherry on an M60 and a Thompson at the machine gun shoot at the Londonderry F&G today! I had never shot one before and the amount of ammo flowing through those barrels was staggering. The M60 was crazy, it had an Eotech red dot on it and it was devastating. Easy to shoot and...
  2. Red Ryder BB gun

    Was at Tractor supply the other day and saw this! It didn't have a compass in the stock and I was afraid I would shoot my eye out, so I didn't get one.
  3. We should be making plans

    Ok, so the commies are going batshit crazy banning people and even entire avenues of communication in efforts to silence us. The rumors are that they are even attempting to coerce hosting sites to remove domains thereby killing web forums. It's time to have some contingencies in place in the...
  4. Gun porn

    View: Master artists at H&H make shotguns.
  5. All this needs now is a GAU-8
  6. Neeed to shout llouder

    Today I went to the store for some lunch and was wearing my Guy Fawkes tee shirt. Well, someone commented that they liked it and asked what it meant. Long story short, I ended up with a small crowd around me listening to how Moron Heally made us all felons. There were 5 people there who had an...
  7. Crank knobs

    I am putting the finishing touches on my tuner project and need a couple of nice crank knobs like this. Anyone got a junque box they can look through for me? These things are harder to find than hens teeth!
  8. Homebrew - Show us what you are building

    Here is a balanced L tuner I am building. It is with the least possible metal around it. The baseplate is delrin, the case is ABS, The space in front is for the drive system which will also be all plastic. By eliminating as much metal as possible, I have reduced the stray capacitance ant...
  9. Shirley Club anual meeting

    Just a reminder that the anual meeting for the Shirley Rod and Gun Club is tonight at 7:30, dinner @6:30 if you are hungry.
  10. Antenna day

    Wow, what a nice day for catching up on some antenna work. I managed to re-orient my 160 meter OCF dipole and I built an extended double Zepp cut for 40 meters and fed with 450 ohm ladder line. Hopefully that antenna will go up tomorrow.
  11. PM notification dead link

    I got a PM today, box popped up notifying me. I clicked OK and the next box came up and I clicked cancel which should have just displayed the message. but instead I got an error message saying invalid path notifyy admin. or similar.
  12. Up and coming Sig sale

    I was searching for a new carry gun and stumbled across this Sig sale coming up at Four Seasons.
  13. Weird PPK/s hammer jam

    I was at the range today for a little practice with my PPK/s (.380) and shooting S&B factory ammo. after a few normal shots, I fired one that had a noticably bigger boom. The hammer got locked back (farther than the cocked position). Sadly I was done at that point. When I got home I had to...
  14. 12 yo nephew wants to go to the range

    I need some advice, my 12 year old nephew wants me to take him to the range. I had him over for a cookout last weekend and he brought his airsoft MG over for some backyard plinking. My problem is that after seeing the way he handled it, I am not sure I want to hand him a loaded gun. My...
  15. State line has small pistol magnum primers

    SLGS in Mason NH has some. I was there at 1:00 today and they had 4000 small pistol magnum primers (CCI) They limited me to one box of 1000. When I left they had 3000 out on the table.
  16. I shot EC's .500

    At the shoot today I asked Jim if I could shoot the mighty 500 and he graciously agreed. He asked me which load I would like to try and like a fool I said in my manliest voice "the max" So he loads up something that looked more like a grenade than a pistol round and handed me the revolver. I...
  17. Several Teens Shot at Detroit Bus Stop Near High School,2933,529601,00.html DEVELOPING: Several teenagers were shot Tuesday at a bus stop near a Detroit high school after summer school classes ended, but there were conflicting reports about how many victims there were and whether they are students. One local radio...
  18. Blue Northern in Ayer has primers!

    I just went in and picked up 4000, He has about 8000 left, SR, LR, SP, LP I didnt clean him out so one of you could have a shot. [smile]
  19. My rockin gun day

    So early this morning the gun store called and told me my new MP-15 was ready for pickup. Suddenly I had to call in sick to work. After I picked it up I took it to the range. Man that thing is sweet, put 90 rounds through it without even a hitch, got the Eotech sighted in at 50 yards and was...
  20. Looks like I am going to buy a new gun

    So I was cleaning my safe today and through prudent organization, I have managed to make some room. Looks like I will be forced to buy an AR pretty soon. (just for feng shoi purposes) because I want to keep a harmonious balance among all the guns in my safe. [smile]
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