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  1. Universal background checks

    Just watching the news and they were saying 83% of nra members support universal background checks I'm not sure were they got that number nobody ask me has any one on nes get a call on that
  2. WTS 4 new blizzak dm v2 snow tires 265/50/20

    4 brand new blizzak dm v2 snow tires 265/50/20 500$ obo
  3. How long does pistol powder and primers stay good for

    A friend gave me some winchester pistol powder and cci primers the container was sealed tight put has been opened new to reloading so I'm not sure thanks for any info keith
  4. Reloading question

    Would like to get into reloading but have no idea what I will need or what press to buy would like to start with .223 5.56 is there any classes in the Fall River area thanks
  5. looking to build a dedicated 9mm ar

    if any members have any good sources of information and locations to find parts would be munch appreciated thank you
  6. wifes first firearm purchace gets delayed

    my wife and i go to bass pro shops to buy a 870 after waiting for are number to get called she fills out the paper work after about a half hour on hold they come back and say there is a delay they will call if nics calls saying it ok or come back on friday to pick it up i ask why there was a...
  7. Cobb County Georgia where 4 black men beat up, knocked out and threw 1white man (Re

    there is no outrage not even making the news . no one at the doj looking into hate crimes but if it was 4 white guys that did it al and jesse be down there in no time stirring the pot. Four Georgia men arrested for 'beating to death' ex-Marine who survived TWO tours of duty in Iraq | Mail Online
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