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  1. Rifle for my lovely wife

    I have several Savage rifles, and none have a "rough action" issue.
  2. Ashfield Select Board hosting forum on gun noise

    G. L. ch. 214, § 7B (from memory).
  3. Best .22LR for pistol on predator

    If you are planning on maybe shooting an aggressive coyote with a .22 rimfire, I'd suggest making sure you had your running shoes on.
  4. Under 21? Enjoy your new Federal Mandated Waiting Period...

    "Under 21?" Don't I wish.
  5. Florida out of state CCW process questions

    I can only report what I was told.
  6. Florida out of state CCW process questions

    I was told (by a nice lady at Florida Agriculture office) that a MA BFS certificate would be acceptable if, and only if, it was endorsed "Live Fire." So I endorse all of the BFS certificates I issue "Live Fire" and so far they have been accepted by students who apply for a Florida pistol permit.
  7. Is an MA DL required for a res LTC?

    A MA ID suffices for someone who doesn't have a DL.
  8. After Massachusetts dog walker surrounded by pack of coyotes, police offer tips

    Wasn't me; must be a different encounter.
  9. After Massachusetts dog walker surrounded by pack of coyotes, police offer tips

    I wouldn't be so confident. Many years ago I was driving a department vehicle. It was about 0500 on Winter Street in Belmont. As I was toodling along, I spotted two small glowing objects down the road. Slowed down, and it appeared to be a coyote, sitting right in the middle of the road...
  10. Because I'm Not a Lawyer Question 1.

    More like walking, actually. There is a school close to the restaurant I lunch at when I visit a gun store in NH. If I didn't have a NH NR license, I would be opening myself up to a federal crime, which would render me a "diaqualified person" for life. How big is the risk? I don't know but...
  11. Because I'm Not a Lawyer Question 1.

    Which is why some of us have recommended getting a non-resident license in NH and ME.
  12. Gun charge dropped for Worcester man with shotgun & loaded pistol in uninsured, unregistered vehicle

    "Double locking" handcuffs is SOP and has nothing to do with profiling. There are a couple of reasons. Unless double locked, handcuff halves are connected by a ratchet mechanism. This means that either intentionally or unintentionally, the ratchet can be closed further than necessary, which...
  13. S&W M&P 10MM is hot garbage.

    On this subject, I offer the following experience, without judgment or comment. One: One way of another, I have been engaged with Smith & Wesson for decades. Today I own a passel of older S&W DA revolvers, some Third Gen autos, and a handful of modern M&P autos (both gens). Two: Until recently...
  14. Car safe?

    View: Bill is an expert on things like this.
  15. Ron DeSantis sends two planes of illegal immigrants to Martha's Vineyard

    And the Vineyard just as quickly shipped the same illegals off island. Actions speak louder than words.
  16. Non-Resident RI permit.

    At one time Galls sold them. No idea if they still do.
  17. MSP Instructor Survey

    I took the survey yesterday. I replied that I do not address the question of suicide, and I did not think it should be part of BFS training, because, as Len said, it is not within my skill set. I can teach someone how firearms work, I can teach them how to handle firearms safely and minimize...
  18. Dog attack - How would you handle?

    The last time some dog owner, whose unleashed dog started my way, uttered "It's OK. He's friendly," I responded "No, it isn't. I'm not."
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