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  1. New Acquisitions August 2020- Firearms only.

    Something a bit unusual on this Tax Free day in MA. A NOS Smith 386 Sc/S, completely as new and unfired. At only 21.2 ounces, and capacity of 7 x .357 magnum, this will be my new hiking gun.
  2. New Acquisitions February 2020 - Firearms Only!

    Picked up a Sig P365 with stainless steel slide today.
  3. New Acquisitions - October 2018

    Got this as a gift for my son today, a Winchester 1873 "in the white" in .357 magnum. Pictures doesn't do this thing justice: Dealers pics of the exact gun:
  4. Show us your Snipers and Hunting Rifles

    My favorite rifle, Mauser M03 with .308 barrel for deer and .375 H&H barrel if I ever win the moose lottery.
  5. New Acquisitions March 2018

    No new guns so far this month, but got some new optics.
  6. New Acquisitions November 2017

    Smith & Wesson M&P 22 Compact
  7. New Acquisitions August 2017

    S&W 317 Something unusual, a S&W 317 .22lr ultra light revolver.
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