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  1. Urban Carry Holsters - Good? Bad? Otherwise?

    Does anyone here have experience with Urban Carry Holsters? I'm looking for opinions/experience with them - fit & finish, comfort, materials, etc? Thanks for looking
  2. Any lefty pistol recommendations?

    If you're interested in the CZ line of things - The Omega series has ambi controls - safety or decocker options. Some pistols have ambi safety options as well. The P-01 Compact Omega is the only steel frame compact with ambi options.
  3. CZ-75B Omega - trigger travel/take-up

    Thanks caligula - I didn't go nuts, I just wanted to improve the trigger reach and take out the slop. The trigger return spring might have helped alone but the geometry of the Old Style trigger is much better to me. The guide rod just made sense and so did the spring. I may for the full kit...
  4. CZ-75B Omega - trigger travel/take-up

    CGW Old Style trigger with reduced power trigger return spring - PITA to install but worth it M*Carbo SS guide rod and extra power recoil spring Hoping to find a Kadet for it - or a compact version of it - whatever comes first
  5. CZ-75B Omega - trigger travel/take-up

    Are these the only boys in town for parts etc? I see Apex has some but limited. The Omega is turning out to be something of a PITA for aftermarket...
  6. CZ-75B Omega - trigger travel/take-up

    I've got a new 75B Omega - currently in decocker configuration. The trigger feels way out there and has a lot of take-up. Doing a little research this might be solved with a new trigger from Cajun, etc. - will doing a trigger swap with something like the "old style" trigger help with this...
  7. Georgia Woman Sentenced To Prison For Pawning Dozens Of Stolen Guns

    FLETC is near by - coincidence? Some years ago I was visiting the FLETC for professional reasons - there were front page newspaper listings of FTA related offenses in the local newspapers...
  8. Old SXS shotgun trash or treasure?

    Mike Orlen for the barrel work...
  9. Guns That Seemed Cool in Movies... Disappointed IRL.

    Sledge Hammer - had to go find it..,
  10. Guns That Seemed Cool in Movies... Disappointed IRL.

    Wasn't that "Hightower" somethinglikethat - a cop parody show ABC I thought...
  11. Trudeau and Blair BAN 12 Gauge and 10 Gauge SHOTGUNS!

    Poorly written legislation.
  12. Two Weapons, a Chase, a Killing and No Charges: A 25-year-old man running through a Georgia neighborhood ended up dead

    So murder is ok if you're from the right neighborhood? Not sure what the real message is here...
  13. Random observation - movie vs real life

    So - All this shut-in time has me realizing some things: Everytime I pull a knife out to cut veggies - no sound. Similarly, when I pull a pistol out of a holster as a function check, no sound. Why does every instance for a knife or gun need to have sound when displayed in movies?
  14. The Flobert moved to Indy today!!! I say again my last, IT'S GO TIME in Hoosierville!

    Flobert should have had its own membership here - He was never banned, here for longer than some - hated by some, loved by some, ignored by most, never contributed any real content but we all know him and miss him in some way... Congrats on the new home Flobert
  15. We open a fireproof gun safe after a house fire - See what’s inside!

    Some wedges might have made this painful opening less painful...
  16. Special Forces soldier to receive MOH.

    Sadly, you're most correct - I'd really like to read of someone visiting at night to watch and think. No rumors or other stories from protective services have surfaced... Given the hours of operation, I would bet that anyone with the wherewithal to arrange am off hours visit could do so...
  17. Special Forces soldier to receive MOH.

    There's a tomb for that - I think of the "Countless" when I visit there. I'd like to think any real leader would visit and contemplate for motivation. I doubt many elected officials do.
  18. First Time Shooters - What to bring to the range?

    Ask them to have an open mind - they may see some "not the best" members Ask them to be polite to other members - don't be a "not the best" guest Ask them to have fun and be aware Keep is short and fun Ask them to come back
  19. RFK Jr. Says Security Guard Thane Cesar Killed His Father, CIA Led Cover-Up

    Or he's right and the Arkansas inherited the paperwork...
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