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  1. Safety class around Greenfield/Amherst

    Friend of mine wants to get her LTC and asked if I could help finding a class for her. Is there anything up coming in this area? Has kids and school so traveling too far won't work. Thanks! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. New gun shop

    I was just sent an article by my sister (that I can't figure out for the life of me how to get a link for to post one here) about a new gun shop in Turners Falls, my home town. It's called the Gun Rack located on Avenue A. I know nothing else about it, it's opened since the last time I was home...
  3. Pistol, from scratch.

    Watch this kid design and build his own single shot target pistol. The video is a little long, but interesting. He uses a couple existing designs to develop his own; then makes all the parts, screws included. The one exception is he harvests a .177 barrel from a pellet gun. Impressive skill...
  4. Pa Gun Laws

    I was just offered a job in Pennsylvania. School me on their gun laws....and GO.
  5. Supposedly the "last round you will ever need" Mmmhmmm...ya don't say?[rolleyes] I haven't posted in quite a long time, but just saw this...
  6. SAFE act So let me get this straight... Thumb hole stocks are a no-go, BUT a standard pistol grip is OK. They even have pictures.... [laugh]
  7. Feinstein: 'NRA Is Venal, They Come After You'

    Feinstein: 'NRA Is Venal, They Come After You' | CNS News Isnt the point of a Lobby group to support those that support its views, and go after those that don't, and get them replaced? Apparently Dianne feels that only her views should be expressed. Hope she chokes on a ****.
  8. Pistol Permit in Orange County

    Anyone here have any information on getting a Resident permit in Orange County NY. Been through the process? Likelihood of getting "full carry"? Other information?
  9. Poll: Free selling of handguns may increase crime rate in Russia

    Boris, I have a diplomatic mission for you[laugh]
  10. FCC radio mandate Just found out about this at work. Some of you might be able to make more sense out of it than I can, just figured I'd share in case anyone uses radios for business that fall under the mandate.
  11. Ah, Good 'Ol Boston

    I know some/many of you hate Facebook, but I just stumbled across this. Umm..interesting.
  12. Econo-Can

    I ran across this thing on youtube, during an completely unrelated search. This thing lets you use an oil filter as a suppressor.
  13. NC TV station lets people look up permit holders Just another reason databases are bad.
  14. Florida Man's Silver Medallion Stops Falling Bullet at Fireworks
  15. BP handguns

    From the most recent issue of GOAL news. “Reprinted from GOAL News Print Edition” So does this mean, by the letter of the law, that as long as someone has an FID (15 and up) they can legally carry a BP revolver? Does this ruling also apply to NEW manufacture cap and ball revolvers? Just...
  16. Anyone shooting next week on Thurs in West/Central Ma?

    I have a friend that's home on leave for a couple weeks after spending some time working in Guantanamo. She asked to go shooting, but I wont have my club membership up and running before she has to leave. Is there anyone shooting on either Wed or Thursday (the only days I have off next week)...
  17. HST

    Has anyone seen any 180 gr .40 HST anywhere? My dealers cant get it, its not even listed by their distributors any more, and Four Seasons said they don't know when they will have more.
  18. Oh boy, here we go.
  19. Post Ban mags & Military pre-deployment

    Ok so my friend asked me this last night and I didn't know the exact answer. Hes going to Afghanistan in July, and it was recommended he buy some of his own 30 round mags. It was specifically recommended he buy HK mags. Seeing as I dont own an AR, heres what I was asked: 1) Can he buy them...
  20. Springfield proposes to impound & sell cars found to contain "illegal guns"

    I've been hearing about this for the past 3 mornings on 102.1 during the ride to work. Springfield City Councilor Michael Fenton: Crime bad for business, gun violence 'scary' Please note, no where does...
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