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  1. LTC if you own a business in a different town

    The title says it all, I have a person that I work with that owns a business in a different town than where they live. The town they live in is not green for first time applicants. I have heard that this is done. How should/would they apply in the town they have their business in?
  2. LTC pin

    Does you pin stay the same when you renew your LTC or do they give you a new one?
  3. School me on ID theft

    So I get this letter from the department of SS saying that I made an account on line and filled out the form to start receiving my retirement benefits! I called them and told that I did no such thing. Apparently there were some red flags on the application so it was on hold. They were fairly...
  4. Crazy hit 5 year old and grandmother with SUV

    They ALL really are crazy! WHat is it with ex-girl friends?
  5. Looking for an AR-10

    Title says it, I would like to find a store that has a few options in stock to go touchy-feely on them, (the guns) on the north shore.
  6. So now cops can charge you with murder when THEY kill someone

    Yeah, cops shoots at Dad, kills daughter behind him, they charge him with murder!
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  8. Pelham Fish and Game Membership

    I am ready to pull the trigger on joining, I have been to the club once for a FTF transfer and was very impressed so I would like to go there regularly. Any takers on being my sponsor ? Or should I just write a letter? [grin]
  9. Main page and iPad

    Anyone else having a problem with the header display with their iPad? I also noticed that pictures are getting the right side cut off due to the ads on that side.
  10. Drunk AUX cop pulls gun.

    Whats his NES name? [smile]
  11. Renew FID?

    So my FID is going to expire in Oct. my LTC is good for a few more years. Should I feed the beast another hundred bucks for a renewal of the FID or let it go? I know some say to have both in case I got jammed up on the CC but I would think the popo would grab everything regardless. What say?
  12. Can I buy a hand gun..................

    Can I buy a hand gun from someone with a NON-RES, LTC-A, face to face? I assume the answer is no because they can't buy here on the non-res (right?) And even that is stupid because they have passed all the requirements you and I have to get the non-res. But I still have to ask the experts...
  13. AMC movie theaters are anti.

    So the bride and I go to the movies Monday and I noticed on the way in, the bottom corner of a couple of doors, this signage: My wife looks at me and says "What are you gonna do?" I smirked and replied "Concealed means concealed", and then proceeded to explain to her what "non binding" signs...
  14. P220?

    Any idea why the Sig P220 is on the "list" but the Sig P220 Equinox and the compact is not? Makes no sense! I look at Sigs web site and the only one that I could see was the full size, the rest were not MASS approved. [angry] But then this is Mass...........
  15. I Made a handle for my Dillon.

    I was tired of wearing my hand out on the ball of my press so I made this last week, copied one I saw recently. I had everything except the dowel rod, 9 bucks and change at the HD. Now I roll the handle!
  16. No complaints about Sig!

    I just got back from the range trying out my P238 re-loads I made and while cleaning it I noticed that one of the grip screws were missing! [shocked][sad] So I called Sig and the nice cust service lady (who sounded hot BTW) took down all my mailing info and then told me they would get a couple...
  17. Worked up some loads for my Mosin

    So today I got up and figured I would head over to the club to see how the reloads I worked up for my Mosin worked before I start myself into a reloading frenzy. After tumbling, decaping and resizing, trimming and priming, I grabbed my brand new Hornady reloading bible #8 and found the page...
  18. FID and bullet componets

    I have a question, I know you need a FID at least to have bullets or parts thereof. My question is does a FID for pepper spray cover that? My problem is I love to reload, shoot, etc. but I have to put every little thing away all the time because the wife does not shoot, have a FID, and really...
  19. Whats going on!?

    What happened to the ability to post links to videos or pictures? I come in this morning and both trying to reply or start a new thread the options to link, make letters bigger, color, bold, underline, etc. What happened? Just noticed my avatar is GONE!!???? OMG!
  20. Join Haverhill Hound rod and gun?

    I need to join a club so I can shoot regularly, I looked at the HHR&G club site and see that there is a meeting tonight but the way I read it is I have to apply the last Monday of the month then attend the next two first Monday of the month meetings to get my key and card? Should I attend...
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