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  1. WTS Hunting Gear 50$

    Cammo hunting pull over with hood, pants, gloves,, backpack, sitting pad, decoy, everything you see in the photo, fits 5'6 - 6' approximately. 50$
  2. WTS Price Drop: Camping Kerosene Stove and Oven with Legs

    Worth 250$, selling for 50$ Bought from St. Paul Mercantile: Kerosene Cook Stoves and Oven Pickup South Shore, Cash only. picture attached.
  3. WTS: (Price Drop 5/20) Freeze Dried Food

    5/20 - Price Drop -- $150 takes it all. Mountain house and Honeyville cases, see attached list. You must pickup on south shore. Will only sell in the 3 "lots" or sections in the list, ie not selling individual cases. Thanks
  4. Bag of decoy ducks -45$ about 20

    Bag of decoy ducks with weights tied on.
  5. SOLD: Prepper Sale

    20 buckets of dry good foods vacuum sealed in mylar bags with oxygen absorbers between 2011/2012. All are in food grade 6 gallon buckets with sealed lids. The buckets themselves are worth about 10$ each, yet each item with food is between $8-$15. I've attached a PDF with individual costs...
  6. WTS 4 55 Gallon Barrels w/ Caps & Wrench (20$/ea)

    As it says, only ever had potable water in them. Yours for 20$ each, prefer to get rid of all 4 at once. Thanks!
  7. Rabbit in Myles standish?

    Anyone have any luck hunting rabbit in Myles standish state forest? I'm pretty new at it and thinking the fields near Squanto would be good on a sunny day with snow on the ground? Tx! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. WTB Insured Movers/Company Needed - 300lb cabinet up 12 stairs - 20 min job.

    Hi, Looking for insured company/movers to carefully move a 300lb cabinet up 12 stairs without damaging it or walls/stairs. Must show proof of insurance. Its a quick 20 min job, Thanks!
  9. WTB: 2 Person Tree Stand

    Looking for a 2 person tree stand for me and my son, I'm on the south shore but will travel a bit to pick one up at a reasonable price. Thanks!
  10. WTB: Diamond Infinite Edge (or other youth bow) RH

    Hi, Looking to buy a used Diamond Infinite Edge RH for my son. Second preference another youth bow (adjustable to youth draw/weight). Thanks!
  11. WTB: kids compound bow

    Hi, sorry if this is in the wrong spot, didn't seem like a good fit on the regular classifieds. I'm looking to buy a used in good working shape kids compound bow. Challenge is I have a range from 13 to 7 so not sure if one will work for all. Ideally looking for one that could get up to...
  12. Newbie Bow Hunting - Recommendation on used or inexpensive new bow?

    Hi All, I'm looking to get into bow hunting this year. I know, I need to seriously put some time in at the range first (after I get a bow). I'm 100% down with ethically only shooting to the distance of my ability (which I know won't be far at first). However, my question is, I'm...
  13. Yukon NVMT Headmounted Night Vision Monucular - your experience?

    Hi, I'm looking to get into a relatively inexpensive, hands-free, night vision setup for night time observation and hunting. Wondering if anyone has any experience with this unit (or any other recommendations)? I...
  14. Prep Friendly MD or NP - South Shore, Metro Boston?

    Hi All, I'm looking for a prep friendly MD or NP on the south shore. If you would kindly PM me if you know of one. Many thanks and happy prepping, JC
  15. Generator/Small Engine Repair mechanic?

    Hey All, I'm looking for a small engine repair person/shop that is honest, I know a couple in Duxbury/Hanover that are horrible, so would prefer to pay a few bucks to someone who is honest and knows what they are doing and needs the money. Know anyone who works on gas powered generators in...
  16. 55 Gallon Drum provider metro boston?

    Anyone know of a supplier local to Boston (preferrably south) that sells 55 gallon type drums for fuel? Thanks, JC
  17. WTB: HT or Mobile Rig

    Hi, I'm looking to buy a used HT or Mobile rig, would prefer 2M, 70CM and possibly 10M. First radio purchase for me. If yours is collecting some dust maybe you can make some cash out of that dust! JC
  18. How to Port Mobile Rig between car and house

    Hi, I'm looking to buy a mobile rig. I'd like to move it between car and house fairly regularly. The reason I'm doing this is limited budget and at this time can only afford 1 radio. I have a couple questions I'm hoping maybe somebody has already tackled in this scenario: 1) I...
  19. Technician Level Frequencies/Bands

    Hi All, Just passed my tech test. However in my studying (rote memorization of mc questions), I never came across just exactly which frequencies/bands I can transmit on. Pretty basic, probably dumb, question but what bands can I transmit on as a tech? I found this on ARRL...
  20. First Radio Recommendations - Mobile

    Hi, I'm taking the test Saturday (hoping I pass, study with I'm looking for recommendations on a first radio that I can use mobile (car, home, out and about). My primary purpose is emergency/shtf and not spending a ton of money but reliability and ability to...
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