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  1. Moved out of MA, how do I properly record that my firearms are out of the state?

    Like the title says, I recently moved out of MA and want to properly notify the right people that my guns went with me. I checked the EFA-10 form and didn't see an option for moving out of state. My LTC is set to expire soon (I know it's no longer valid, but I figured I should do this before the...
  2. Need to borrow a chronograph to check power factor.

    I am shooting in the IDPA New England Regionals for the first time this year. I am just going to shoot factory ammo and would like to make sure that it will make power factor before the day of the match. I feel like it shouldn't be an issue but I just want to be certain.
  3. Frog Lube is Coconut Oil - You heard it here first

    I read something a couple months ago where someone was speculating that FrogLube was nothing more than scented coconut oil, based solely on the fact that ants had infested his Beretta M92 that he had lubed with FrogLube. Well, as it happens, my brother is working on his Chemistry PHD at UConn...
  4. What kind of rifle is this?

    It's a picture of a French soldier in Africa that I found on this article. Can't say that I've ever seen anything quite like it.
  5. An Illustrated Guide to Gun Control
  6. how not to build a rifle

  7. Karma: Go Green On Me! Winner Picked!!! Post #33

    The winner has been picked. Congratulations Melkiper!!!!! In the past few months a lot of new people have registered on NES. I am going to give one of you the chance to win a GREEN membership. You may be asking yourself "What is this GREEN membership he's speaking of?" Simply put: going GREEN...
  8. I want to go hunting, but I don't know where to start.

    I've never been hunting, but it's something I've always wanted to do. Nobody in my family hunts, and I don't have any close friends who hunt around here, so I have never really had the opportunity. I imagine that I would have to start with a hunter safety course, but after that I don't know...
  9. North Brookfield rally

    Who else is here? Looking around I recognize a few people.
  10. Who has the best price for .223?

    I just need some cheap blasting ammo, stuff I can take to the pumpkin shoot or let friends use without worrying about collecting the brass. Looking to get about 1,000 rounds. I'm in Billerica but don't mind driving a bit.
  11. China condemns U.S. gun ownership as human rights violation Because if anyone knew about human rights violations, it would be China.
  12. Somali Pirates repelled by security team.
  13. My very first AR-15 :-D

    I've always loved the lines of a full sized AR. I can't wait to shoot this thing! [smile] To whomever sold me this lower at FS yesterday: I had it finished by 6pm.
  14. double 1911....I'm speechless

    Not sure how I feel about this [thinking]
  15. "Afraid of Firearms" song

  16. Who around here can pin and weld a muzzle device?

    I looked around but couldn't find the answer to this on here. I'm going to be ordering an upper that I am going to need MA neutered and I was wondering which gun shops will do this for me and how much it costs.
  17. Cold Tracer Ammo (non pyrotechnic)

    This is a neat concept. I wonder if any of the ranges around here would allow it.
  18. Meanwhile, in Detroit...
  19. Prone position question

    There is one aspect of shooting in the prone position that has always given me a bit of grief. To transition from one target to another I have always been told to "pick up your hips and move them in the appropriate direction." The problem is that my natural point of aim always seems to be the...
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