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  1. Looking for bulk .30 Carbine ammo

    Northeast arms in Peabody just received a bunch of 30 carbine today 50 round boxes of PPU and Korean surplus in bandoleers
  2. Do GunBroker sellers bid up prices?

    Easy simple answer 100% fact that some GB sellers bid up their own items or have their friends do it for them
  3. Pin and Weld

    It still came off 🤣
  4. Pin and Weld

    Red locktite is far from permanent, I’ve yet to come across a bolt , nut, or muzzle devise that wouldn’t come off with minimal effort Rust is more “permanent” than 262 or 271 locktite
  5. Dog attack - How would you handle?

    I’ve had this happen to me on 3 different occasions, my dog leashed and controlled each time It just so happens that my dog was a extremely aggressive GSD that was more than capable of taking on anything that came his way and laid a smack down on the other dog each time The owners were...
  6. Primitive Natl Forest Campgrounds in NH maybe Western MA or VT

    The bridge I’m referring to is about 5 minutes from there Zoar road turns into river road when it crosses the river a bit further up , just past the tunnel on the right is the bridge If you’re asking about the shelters/camping spots soot me a message and I’ll try to describe where they are ...
  7. Primitive Natl Forest Campgrounds in NH maybe Western MA or VT

    Could be wrong but is it Just east of cascade Brook trailhead off river road?? I’ve driven my Jeep over that bridge dozens of times to squeeze through the bushes to the right , some great Jeep trails over there Are you aware of the remote shelters just a stones throw from there ?? Awesome...
  8. removing cerakote from stainless steel

    Glass bead will take off cerakote and leave a better finish on stainless than AO or coal slag, there are no solvents that will remove cerakote
  9. Any Cerakote places in Central MA?

    I’m speaking from my personal experience only I used cerakote for both engine components on my 1970 Chevelle and for exterior accessories on my rubicon All parts dulled and chalked up within 6 months and I had to strip and powder coat everything I spray literally gallons upon gallons of...
  10. Any Cerakote places in Central MA?

    If they’re for your car and exposed to the elements then cerakote is a poor choice
  11. Looking for Gunsmith in north shore area

    Lantac dragon muzzle brakes are extremely hard and black nitride QPQ treated , the reason northeast doesn’t want to do the job is because the only way to drill through it is with a carbide bit , using carbide runs the risk of the bit breaking , especially when starting on the curved surface of...
  12. Wilson Combat P320 x-compact grip module

    Northeast arms in Peabody stock them in the store
  13. Stocking up.

    Everyone better make up their minds what to do , Ammo is starting to go up again not down The wholesale price of 9mm went up literally over the weekend , the stuff I purchased on Friday through distribution was a buck more a box today , and that’s up $2 from last week
  14. Looking for .556/223 ammo

    Northeast arms in Peabody Plenty of 5.56 in stock
  15. Harris or Atlas

    Bags for the range , bipods for the woods Bipods are almost useless on a bench compared to a bag I have both Harris and atlas bipods , they collect dust unless I’m lugging the rifle through the woods during hunting season
  16. Can I bring a Mass compliant AR15 back into the state? Odd situation

    He stated all the details very clearly in his post I’m going with the purchased in mass , documented in mass, bring it home crowd
  17. Only dealers can ship firearms via FedEx now??

    They changed their policy the beginning of this year , they also stopped accepting COD shipments on firearms They loose about 2-3 inbound guns a month on me and I can’t even keep track of how much ammo they loose or arrives destroyed
  18. Any local places to find 10/22 receivers

    Northeast arms on Rt 1 in Peabody
  19. Upper Middle Class quality 1911 holster

    Mitch Rosin , local New Hampshire holster maker with a walk in store right in Manchester
  20. Best 1911's - Top Tier - Looking for recommendations

    Because we all know the review by Joe bob in Kentucky or destructo694 in Texas are gospel 🤣🤣
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