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  1. Lawmakers Move to Arm Teachers in Response to Florida Massacre

    I have a feeling this won't last long and it's too bad too because it really needs to happen. A good training program with an empowered on point person able to act quickly in a bad situation could turn the tables and reduce loss of life to zero, maybe even the shooter.
  2. Is the attack on 2A worse now than after Sandy Hook?

    The propaganda is the most intense I've ever seen it. Literally every channel, even Fox, are jumping on the bandwagon. You finally hear the idea of empowering teachers and reciprocity, but suddenly it falls on deaf ears and the president isn't helping now.
  3. Those adjudicated insane have more rights

    I don't mean to burst your bubble on this, but look up all the people that Obama has pardoned for drug related offenses that clearly had unlawful gun use in their rap sheet. Don't stop on one search either. You'll find that he has a "history" of doing it. 56 here, 24 there. If you're a drug...
  4. To All Mass Residents Thinking of Leaving

    I've never asked this, but I'm sure it's something the NH folks know. While living in Mass. I've traveled to many other places. With my current LTCC being in Mass and nobody else accepting it I knew I was going to have to get some more. For RI, I was told by anyone and everyone not to go...
  5. Taunton Rifle and Pistol Club

    That is correct.
  6. Thank you!

    This is for us, our kids and our kid's kids. That being said, I understand if there are people that chose family over a rally, but remember it's a fight that has to be fought. We can't leave it to someone else to do.
  7. Taunton Rifle and Pistol Club

    Anybody notice that Taunton got a shout out at the rally?
  8. Thank you!

    This, I hope, isn't the last rally. I hope the rally's continue. I hope that we all get active. I hope that weapon manufacturers stand with us. I hope that more politicians make their voice heard. I hope that groups that represent us make their voice heard. I hope we still make calls and...
  9. An Open Letter To Maura Healey

    There is two thing anti-gunners are adept at. 1.) Ignoring other's opinions, facts, etc. 2.) Deleting and Banning. ...and yes I know this from experience. Lots and lots of experience.
  10. Healey "closing the loophole" letter to gun dealers

    Unfortunately in the last few instances the SC has refused to hear gun legislation. I would find it appropriate and comical if weapon manufacturers simply refused to sell weapons to Mass. on the case that they would not want to risk last minute flip/flop litigation because of an interpretation.
  11. Call Gov Baker now -617-725-4005 - AG Healey re writing definition of AWB

    That "thank you" amounted to him stating that he both supports the move and the assault weapons ban. The reason he's in office is because we were tired of these strong arm tactics and we've been rewarded with him jumping on the Democratic bandwagon.
  12. OK, so shall I EF10 my stripped lowers or not? Clear opinion please, lets not turn

    Stripped lower? That's the opposite of a topless bar, right? I've already got everything lined up to go in a very nice safe to be shipped out to my house in a free state. Where is that? None of Mass. damn business. How bad is it when California is a better place to live than here?
  13. Silver City Firearms closed

    Wow! I've never had any bad dealings with him. He was a pretty good asset to me, especially with finger printing, but it seems from the hate people have that I may haps just got really lucky. I even see a "Silver City Sucks" signature. Too bad to hear this and Zero Hour is gone as well. I...
  14. Mass. Medical Society Meeting - Firearm Violence: Policy, Prevention,Public Health

    I just got an announcement on this: I didn't know if someone in this group would be joining it and could help "enlighten" those that have MD in their name and "ignorance" as a title. Words like Waltham and...
  15. DaVinci Arms suppressors

    Nice video!
  16. DaVinci Arms suppressors

    Great people.
  17. Mass Bill H-3476 - To restrict replica/toy/airsoft/paintball guns

    I didn't see this posted anywhere else and I just ran across it myself (nothing on the search feature). From what I'm reading they introduced legislation last year that would require a big orange stripe needs to be on the side of the barrel as well as a big orange tip the same color as the...
  18. Taunton Rifle and Pistol Club

    I don't find it funny. I'll save the discussion for staff.
  19. Taunton Rifle and Pistol Club

    I received a letter to go with my not used check that I submitted early to pay for my membership. Thanks for canceling though.
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