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  1. Activist swarm Chick Fil A

    They did. You can bet your balls they did.
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    Sometimes it's what you don't say...
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  4. Interesting Statistic

    No more samesies!
  5. N/D Of The Week

    I was just reading this on the Herald site. As my wife likes to say, What the absolute ****? I feel terrible for the girl and her family.
  6. Guy points gun at robber, robber shoots good guy

    It's kind of funny you say that. The article I read about this earlier in the week sounded like something KnuckleDragger often says; to wit, that we need better jurisprudence and care in selecting these cases. While the circumstances of these cases(there is a similar related one) are awful...
  7. Guy points gun at robber, robber shoots good guy

    Thanks, and sorry Chevy.
  8. Guy points gun at robber, robber shoots good guy

    The supreme court's ruling this week doesn't help the situation.
  9. Guy points gun at robber, robber shoots good guy

    It depends on the situation. If the guy is robbing you, give him your stuff. If the guy is trying to hurt your family or take you away, it's go time. The vast majority of the time, bad guys just want your stuff. If the bad guy is a hard core predator, you're probably screwed before you know...
  10. Guy points gun at robber, robber shoots good guy

    The converse is also true: IF you are not justified in shooting, you should not have your gun out. The other thing is 'the magic talisman' thinking. It may be that the good guy in this case really wasn't prepared mentally to shoot, and in his head he pulls his gun, the other guy surrenders...
  11. Running out of Ammo in Private Citizen Self-Defense Shootings?

    You don't CCW a G26 with a 33 round gamer mag?
  12. Former Senator Dan Wolf D Cape Cod calls for gun confiscation at meeting

    Meanwhile, their grandkids are all OD'ing on fentnyl and heroin.
  13. The Great UN Gun Debate

    I didn't know there was a debate. I thought it was, "So, how can we disarm the entire global civilian population and force our utopian ideals upon them under pain of death, or worse, UN Peacekeeper protection?"
  14. "All lawful purposes", automatic denial of ltc renewal

    Framingham's app now provides you with examples of reasons why you want your LTC, such as "ALL LAWFUL PURPOSES." Town BS is lol/cry That said, when I first applied and was required to provide an answer, I kept it short and specific: I want to carry a handgun for personal protection and all...
  15. True "value" of a pre-ban mags

    I was reading an article today about how tickets to Hamilton are impossible to get at the ticket office and regularly sell in the aftermarket for $900-$4,000. For $200 face value. I'd rather have a pile of Glock mags.
  16. Alright I need help finding a backpack

    I have the Rush 12. It is tied for the best backpack I have ever owned. The other one is a Briggs & Riley laptop bag I used to use when I flew a lot. Sturdy, holds everything I need, keeps its shape. Very rugged. Overall I think 511 gear is okay - I prefer other brand shoes, other brand...
  17. Open Carry Day

    Not just unwinnable, but losable. I have little doubt that if I open carried at the Natick Mall or other busy public place, someone would freak the hell out and call the police, reporting hysterically that 'There is a guy with a gun!' And that best case scenario for me personally is that I get...
  18. Help me spend $1500

    Your opinion is valid, but if you gave me a once in a lifetime chance to buy a dream gun, I'd choose one I use a lot rather than another safe queen. Especially one I couldn't afford to shoot.
  19. What does suitability mean in MA?

    I think that you are misconstruing what I said. you also infer that because I have a laissez faire attitude with respect to other people's rights, that I say nothing and do nothing when *other* people's rights are infringed. This simply isn't true. (Notwithstanding that ALL of my...
  20. What does suitability mean in MA?

    Here is the thing: I can tell you what I think marriage means, and I can tell you what I think a human is, and it turns out no one gives a damn. In fact, I am so burdened by stating these views publicly that I basically don't. (For example, I'd get fired if I stated them at work.) So if I tell...
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