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  1. M&P 2.0 Metal Frame Review

    That’s ok. I don’t need no stinking LEO pen. I got my 4 barrel tactical pen and my short barreled pencil😈
  2. M&P 2.0 Metal Frame Review

    I want to know more about the pen…
  3. Reasonable 9mm pistol accuracy

    I should be able to like and laugh at this!
  4. Reasonable 9mm pistol accuracy

    What’s that have to do with the op’s question of possible accuracy?
  5. Law Enforcement (LE) Only, MA Resident Restricted Items

    Is this an NES boycott thread? This is how you start an NES boycott thread!
  6. Dedicated Waterfowl Shotgun

    I’m running a Stoeger for waterfowl. Haven’t had any issues, pushing 10 years now. Inertia operating system like the Benelli, so recoil is a little more than a gas gun. 3” shells are fine unless you want to do some long range goose shooting.
  7. Waterfowl bird dog trainers

    Tell us about your pup. I just brought home an 11 month old chocolate Lab last weekend. My third Lab I will train myself, but first real hunter. I’m a believer in training yourself if you can. All that time together creates a tremendous bond, and you will know each other’s thoughts. Even with a...
  8. Navy Master at Arms Convicted of NFA/GCA violations

    That’s different. I’m usually the one forking over money
  9. Navy Master at Arms Convicted of NFA/GCA violations

    Three holes. Is she hot?
  10. Surf Casting the cape in the fall

    LMFAO! In the old days maybe. But subtlety was never my way. I don’t fish the salt much anymore.
  11. Surf Casting the cape in the fall

    Starting to get late in the year, especially if you’re not getting out a lot and in tune with this year’s migration pattern. Probably better off heading to south county Rhode Island,
  12. Lighted nocks Mass

    Thank you Saved me from typing that
  13. Anyone see this?

    I mean if I light one wall at a time
  14. Anyone see this?

    No fireplace or wood stove. How many cords is a 750 sf house?
  15. Monument Beach Sportsman Club

    Worst part of MoBeach is finding a sponsor. I was very active in the action shooting group and it took a couple years to get a sponsor. But I’m an a**h***, so I get it
  16. Best gun shops on the south shore

    They also charge sales tax on a simple transfer
  17. Mushrooms, berries and other things foraged

    Darwin was cheated. Twice
  18. After Massachusetts dog walker surrounded by pack of coyotes, police offer tips

    Well, the police can throw bullets toward the coyotes, but not at them. Remember, coyotes are wild. Police are trained to shoot domestic dogs
  19. Pepper spray questions

    And I always thought a rape whistle was like a duck call…Hey ladies-I’m over here and available!
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