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  1. So, how do YOU define "He's a good shot"?
  2. The season's on !

  3. Flaming buckshot

    I'm sure the traditionalist members at my range will be fine with this. View: Would be interesting to see how 12 gauge performs.
  4. OK, who forgot to pay his storage unit bill ?

  5. A Judge Pulled a Gun in the Courtroom—and Then It Got Weird
  6. Illegal Aliens Plotted July 4th Mass Shooting, Thwarted by American ‘Hero Citizen’ $15,000 bail. So, pony up $1,500 to a bondsman and walk out. Because we're REALLY serious about stopping mass shootings. Meanwhile, the bodega guy's bail started at...
  7. Brass shavings scattered through lower.

    I was cleaning my Bren 2 today and noticed a number of small brass shavings scattered through the lower. There didn't seem to be any pattern as to the location, as there were bits everywhere from behind the trigger to forward of the magwell. There were also a few bits in random places in the...
  8. YouTube gun restoration channels

    It seems that if you watch one restoration video on YT, it starts feeding you a steady diet of them. There seems to be a lot of channels focusing on gun restoration ("Found this old gun in a field", etc.). Some of them seem to know what they're doing, although if you're not experienced in the...
  9. Miami Police Try Hard to Explain How It’s Legal for Them to Ship Guns to Ukraine…and Fail Miserably Lots of illegal here. But, as many police departments seem to think that laws don't apply to them, this happens.
  10. In case of terrible boating accident ....

    ... it's important to have a recovery plan! View:
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  13. A good guy with a gun is really useful, but sometimes you just need a good guy.

    The lead kid certainly never considered situational awareness to be a priority View:
  14. I know, the club is run by unpaid volunteers ......

    .... and I shouldn't make fun of them. But, dayum.
  15. That's some fugly ammo.

    Yeah, I know, mil-grade stuff is annealed and are discolored as a result. But, damn, some of these cases looked like they had been lying on the ground since last season.
  16. Sirhan Sirhan was recommended for parole.

    Shoot a senator / presidential candidate, serve time, get out. Protest at the Capitol and get shot, after which the POS cop brags how he's a hero. And, to...
  17. Close-up of the muzzle end of a gun on a TV show.

    The gun "fired" just after this screen grab as part of the same framing. What are we looking at there with the copper ring within the barrel?
  18. Woman leans out of car, holds AK-47 in San Francisco Seriously? "Sideshow" is now general usage for stupid car tricks?
  19. Situational awareness defined

    Why do officers sometimes have their hands on their guns? This is why. Props also for shutting down the second guy without firing at him. View...
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