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  1. WTB Heritage Roughrider

    I mistakenly bought the 22 WMR cylinder for my Heritage Roughrider before remembering I had a Ruger Wrangler instead. Whoops. Anyone have a Heritage Roughrider they'd like to sell? Must take WMR cylinders. Not sure if they all do.
  2. Preban Glock 20 mags

    Looking for a preban mag for my Gen 3 Glock 20 SF. 10mm.
  3. Single action revolvers not compliant? Good God!

    I ordered one of those Rough Rider single action revolvers because they seem like fun and they are $119. But it got cancelled because apparently they aren't Mass compliant. How the hell could a 22 revolver not be Mass compliant? What could be wrong with owning a 22 revolver? Maybe the same thing...
  4. Transporting guns in pickup trucks in MA

    I'm wondering about how best to transport handguns and long guns in a truck (F-350) to satisfy MA rules. Can I just put the handgun under the back seat and lock it? Does it also have to be in a locked case? I usually just put rifles (non-large capacity) on the floor. Sometimes remove the bolt on...
  5. Why do people sell guns with 50 rounds through them?

    That’s like selling a car with 100 miles on it. Why do they change their minds about a gun immediately after shooting it?
  6. Is it crazy to buy a Ruger 57 (chambered in 5.7x28mm) right now?

    Shopping for a first handgun. Pickings are slim in the gun shops. However today I saw this Ruger 57 chambered in 5.7x28mm that I liked. Honestly I had never even heard of this round. But reading about to online, it seems like it might be a cool gun. One shortcoming is that ammo for this seems...
  7. How do I change my profile picture?

    There appears to be no obvious way to change it. I don't even know how they got my face picture. Anyone know?
  8. Mass LTC approval delay

    I applied and gave finger prints over 2 months ago (9 weeks). Local PD said they'd send in to the State by the next day. Called the State today and they said it would be another month or month and a half. So like 3-4 months total. I have nothing of concern in my background. Anyone know why this...
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