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  1. LD 345 Yipeeee

    Maine: Senate Passes Handgun Permit Confidentiality Legislation, Goes to Governor for His Expected Signature Today, the Maine Senate passed Legislative Document 345, important Concealed Handgun Permit (CHP) confidentiality legislation, by a 27-8 vote. LD 345 passed in the state House by a...
  2. Maine CCW wait time

    From their page "Notice to concealed handgun permit applicants: Due to the high volume of applications the Weapons Division is receiving, it may take as long as 150 days to receive your permit." Take a look State Police: Licenses & Permits: Firearms Permits & Professional Licensing
  3. Public Hearing planned for next week

    Take a look at next weeks hearing schedule. There are several LD's scheduled for Public hearings for each day next week. All are under Criminal Justice and Public Safety and all involve gun legislation. Public Hearings and Work Sessions - Maine Legislature
  4. The end to Open Carry ---- LD 380

    Start writing again folks-this one is just plain stupid. Basically putting an end to open carry
  5. Kittery Trading Post Policy Question

    New here and don't know if this has been covered before. Does anybody know what KTP's policy is regarding DELAY on NICS background check. Do they release the sale after three days without response or do they have a specific policy??
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