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  1. CMP Email Notification To Update Your Info Due To Some New CA Bill?

    Just got that update too. Oh well...
  2. CMP Email Notification To Update Your Info Due To Some New CA Bill?

    I got one this morning. Look's legit to me as the link leads to their site and this email is in their site archives: CMP Shooting News Archives - Civilian Marksmanship Program and can find it via their main page. I was wondering why a CA law would force a nationwide change, though.
  3. LTC DMH Background check question..

    If you signed an agreement for a 72 hour stay and did not stay after that, then it seems to me that it was voluntary, as you agreed by signing it. Involuntary would have meant you were held against your will, i.e. committed by court order or such like.
  4. Non-pistol purchase: with bad eyesight need advice

    This is also an effective solution for target shooting: EyePal | Get back on the Range with EyePal I wear contact lenses for distance vision and then just use various magnifcations of cheap reading glasses for close vision. I switch magnifications based on how near or far I need to have near...
  5. After 37 years of being a ham, I joined the ARRL last night

    As a member you have access to the digital version of all of their magazines, including QEX. I became a Life Member many years ago. One of my better decisions.
  6. Shotgun bead

    Try here, they have all sorts:
  7. Inverter question

    Check these guys out: Power Inverters and Solar Products - The Inverter Store Besides inverters, they have solar stuff as well. They have modified as well as pure sine wave units. I bought this from them a year or two back: 2000 WATT PURE SINE INVERTER CHARGER 12 VDC TO 120 VAC I have it charge...
  8. Comm2A, SAF, GOAL and FPC file against Baker admin on shop closures

    I would guess that one of the reasons that the judge went with the state restrictions is that it makes his order less likely to be overturned on any appeal. Since he gave the state pretty much what it asked for, then they can't argue the terms, only about whether or not the shops should be open...
  9. Stolen Ammo Delivery MA

    I actually rent a mail box from a local UPS Store. It's against their policy to accept ammo shipments. I believe it's on their web site under restrictions.
  10. Locking up ammo?

    Whacko, It not a law, but a Fire Code regulation 527 CMR 1.0, see section, assuming I was reading the current version, talking about when permits are not required: Small arms ammunition, primers, smokeless propellants and black powder stored in original containers and stored...
  11. Just how my season is going...

    If your cell has a builtin GPS, that's a separate radio from the phone radio, and (perhaps depending upon the cellphone) should function independent of whether you have cell service or not. There are apps that download map data and function with the GPS whether you have cell service or not. I...
  12. DOJ, Second Amendment Foundation Reach Settlement In Defense Distributed Lawsuit

    "Under terms of the settlement, the government has agreed to waive its prior restraint against the plaintiffs, allowing them to freely publish the 3-D files and other information at issue. The government has also agreed to pay a significant portion of the plaintiffs’ attorney’s fees, and to...
  13. Onlookers cheer as passenger beats the daylights out of senior citizen

    I'm guessing a finger slip for gun.
  14. Can you throw used cases with used primers in regular garbage in MA

    You are confusing the Fire Code (a regulation) which mandates ammo and powder being locked up, but does not apply to brass or bullets and MGL, which treats ammo components the same as ammo, where possession is concerned.
  15. Vista Outdoor says it's dropping firearms from their product portfolio

    You may not have heard of Vista, but I guarantee that you know quite a number of their brands. For the ammo business, they own Federal, American Eagle, Estate, Speer, and CCI. You can check the rest here: Brands - Vista Outdoor Be interesting to see if dropping the gun manufacturing lines buys...
  16. Yeti drops NRA

    Well at this point it's kind of hard to say whether they were actually terminating a program in general or were just out to diss the NRA and it's members. Either way they have a lot of egg on their face and have done a lot to destroy their brand/reputation. What makes me kind of not believe...
  17. LTC Reason For Request Billerica

    I agree with milktree. I also live in Billerica. I forget exactly what I put on the application. Something along the lines of I'd like to be able to protect myself and family, if the need arose. My feeling is that if everything looks reasonable, you'll get unrestricted. Since you have to take...
  18. Anyone use Aguila Ammo?????

    Thanks for the info. Wondered why this was called out on their packaging. Now I know!
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