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  1. Gen 4 Glock

    Got to fondle a Gen 4 G22 at the Glock Armorers course yesterday. Felt really nice. I love the new grip texture. I WANT ONE!!!!!!
  2. My wife is on to me....

    I've been collecting for three years now and everytime I buy something I tell my wife "I had to get it ..... it's hard to find". Well today I made another purchase and we had our usuall conversation; Me:Don't get mad(said this because I recently made a primer order/Brownells/Gen 3 G17) I...
  3. MRA Steel 7/5 is it still on ? eom

  4. Glock and USPSA Production

    Is it production legal to put a Caspian G34 slide on a Gen 2 G17 Glock frame? I'm trying not to spend a small fortune on a G34 and was hoping this would work. Eric
  5. Is HSC USPSA still on for today?

  6. S&W 625 problem

    I picked up a used 625-2 the older version not the JM. I cleaned it and took it to the range and it wouldn't touch off the rounds, so I took off the grips and saw that the mainspring screw was backed off. I tightened it and it fired as expected. It is, however not functioning flawlessly. 5 of...
  7. 7 News

    Anyone see the news guy waving the gun of a homeowner at the camera a few minutes ago?
  8. .308 resizing question UPDATED

    I just got a bolt action .308 and decided to reload some ammo the other day. I have a bunch of factory PRVI Partizan that I fired so I neck sized it and loaded up some 150's and 168's. When I tried to chamber them they were getting stuck and they were tough to eject. I made around 30 rounds and...
  9. Kittery vs Cabellas

    I'm thinking of getting a single stage Lee Press and some 308 dies and projectiles. Does anyone have a recomendation for which store has a better selection.
  10. 30mm to 1 inch inserts

    Anyone know where I can get some 30mm to 1 inch scope mount inserts in the Boston area?
  11. Chip Mccormick mags in a S&W 1911

    I have some 10 round and 8 round power mags that I use in my S&W 1911. I reload semi-wadcutters and have no issues with the 10 round mags, but when I use the 8 round mags I get some failures to go into battery. I was able to mark a couple of rounds with a marker to identify the location of the...
  12. RCBS Customer Service

    I broke the decapping pin on my 223 x-die last night and emailed RCBS to see if I could order a replacement. I recieved a quick response and they are going to send me the whole mandrel. Now that's some sweet customer service if you ask me.
  13. Barrel Shroud

    Not sure if this was posted. It gave me a good laugh.
  14. Checking firearms at Logan

    Has anyone ever flown out of Logan and checked a firearm. I know it needs to be locked and declared at check in, but does it need to be declared to MSP or TSA before entering the airport?
  15. 642 High and Right

    Thanks to everyone that posted to help me choose which 642 to get. I ended up getting the non CT model and I've been to the range twice with it. Shot it at 22 and 35 feet with identical results, groups that are high and right. I used 148 LWC and 158 CPRN home rolled along with 100gr Fed...
  16. Question for S&W 642 owners

    I'm looking to purchase a 642 and I saw the stock model with the two finger grip next to one with Crimson Trace grips that looked to be extended to three fingers. I didn't hold them because the store was mobbed. I want to be able to use it in a pocket holster like the Nemesis or Mika so I was...
  17. Sheeple in uniform

    I had jury duty recently and rather than deal with any BS i decided not to try and check in my CCW. I go through the metal detector and I'm cleared to sit in the closet space they have set aside for all of us that were called. We get excused for an hour break, so I go smoke a cigar and get a...
  18. Open Carry Incident

    Happened in Manchester on August 4th. I'm not sure if this was posted yet, but there is a link for audio at
  19. Reloading 7.62x54

    I searched through the reloading forum, but came up empty. I just picked up an M44 which I now know is a must have for anyone into shooting. I had a blast firing it and laughing my ass off with my brother inlaw who has never shot before. So, does anyone reload this stuff or is it not worth it. I...
  20. Sharpshooters is on History Channel

    Right Now!!!
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