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  1. LGS selling aimpoint micro h1?

    Anybody know of a place in MA selling aimpoint micro h1 for the $500 range? Rather see my money go to a LGS than an online retailer. Called my local shops to no avail. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Rem 887 nitro mag problem... Help!!

    I got a buddy who just bought a brand new remington 887 nitro mag tactical... Shot it out of the box (without first cleaning and oiling). He put 7 rounds thru it then on the 7th round the shell would not eject... He brought it to me and i was sketched out being handed a shotty wit the bolt...
  3. Can u draw ur concealed carry in this case?

    Hingham police: Woman robbed in bank parking lot Sunday CODY SHEPARD PUBLISHED: JUL 21, 2014, 8:04 AM UPDATED: JUL 21, 2014, 8:04 AM In background, Hingham officer Nicholas Smith assists Cohasset Police K9 officer Patrick Reardon and his partner K9 Erik, searching for the robbery suspect along...
  4. Injured right hand, carry advice?

    Went down on my motorcycle over the weekend... F&cked up my right hand and im right handed. I carry iwb at about 3:30... Cant draw from the right anymore and left handed draw is really awkward. Any suggestions? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. Chicago Police Superintendent Blames Increased Shooting on Lax State and Fed Gun Laws

    Another Violent Holiday Weekend for Chicago (Sent from "McCarthy believes the sheer number of guns in the city combined with lax state and federal gun laws...
  6. Scope recommendation for a FAL

    Got my fal! Like to get a good scope for long range target shooting for under $1000. 21" barrel. Any recommendations? What are u fal owners using? Thanks Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. DSA Fal

    Looking to get into my first .308 rifle and decided on a DSA FAL SA5821S-A. 21" barrel. I want it for long range target shooting and will put a high end scope on it. Id like to reach out to 600+ meters. Any opinions? Im not familiar with the fal platform and decided to go this route over an...
  8. How long should i wait before giving a negative rating on itrader?

    Ordered something on the classifieds. Paid via paypal and was gonna have shipped. This was 7 days ago and its coming from mass to my mass address. This person has a 100% rating but i havent received the item and also havent received a response when i asked (24 hours ago) if the package was...
  9. Video... More MA gun laws?

    Is that NES @ 34 seconds?
  10. What are u doing with ur .22lr ammo?

    Im just curious what people with .22 ammo do with it these days? Impossable to find for the most part... But for those who are lucky to find ammo at non inflated prices or for those of u that have a small or large stockpile... Are u shooting it? Selling it? Sitting on it? I still have sum...
  11. Two Career Criminals Face Nearly 30 Charges...

    Two career criminals face nearly 30 charges after State Police stop (Sent from Boston_com) Two career criminals pleaded not...
  12. 80% Lower AR Build

    Purchased an E P Armory 80% polymer lower in OD green. I dont have a whole lot of faith in polymer AR lowers but considering its jigless and that i own a dremel i figured.. What the hell.. Lets try it. Ive spent $60 on stupider things. And they also have a lifetime warranty for normal...
  13. Full safe... Now what?

    Ive filled my safe to capacity... Guns, ammo, and mags... I keep all my accessories in a cabinet which is also full... What now? Get another cabinet for ammo? I cant afford another safe. Im still looking to expand my collection in the future. Suggestions? Mike
  14. New to NES!

    New to the site and just recently got my class A... Hope to learn alot from the forums! Any reccomendations for a new guy who just got his class A please post here, thanks! Mike
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