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  1. Natick Mall Firearms K9

    A co-worker of mine (Boston based) used to manage a project at the Aerojet plant in CA, so he spent a lot of time shutting across the country. He was constantly contaminated with nitrates on his way home, to the point that the TSA screeners were recognizing him and calling him by first name.
  2. Do you still have your first gun?

    A few years ago, I dug out my dad's old Winchester .22 pump (1913 vintage), the first gun I ever shot (55 to 60 years ago). I thought about having it completely redone, and then decided to just clean it up, get it functional, and enjoy shooting it. As a side note, while having dinner with my...
  3. So, how do YOU define "He's a good shot"?
  4. The season's on !

  5. Bad eyesight at the range

    Don't you find it difficult to focus on the front sight with a pair of distance glasses?
  6. Gunman kills 35 in attack starting at Thai child care center

    The kids were at the daycare where his son was a student until a few weeks ago. After the shooting, he went home and shot his wife, son, and himself. What an awful story.
  7. Powered recliner Karma

    My mother in law had one. We gave it to one of her friends when she moved from elderly housing to a nursing home.
  8. Military cases.

  9. Woburn Turkeys

  10. "Everybody Run, A Five Year Old Got A Gun"

    Well, if you're going to reference the original ... View:
  11. New World Record Set for Farthest Long-Range Rifle Shot: 4.4 Miles

    With a 24 second hang time for the shot, there might be a bit of an issue getting decent feedback from the impact points. For that matter, since an M-2 will go through 69 shots in under 10 seconds, you'll be dry before the first shot is halfway there. ;) But it's that feedback time that...
  12. Vehicle Undercoating

    Do you say where you had it done somewhere in the preceding 7 pages of posts?
  13. Flaming buckshot

    It did go pretty damn fast. I'm not sure you could get it burning that quickly with a propane torch. Did remind me of an old story. Back in grad school, my thesis advisor was well known in the gas field. We were working on a natural gas liquifier using compressed air as a test media, and he...
  14. Flaming buckshot

    WTH, set his clothes on fire and see what comes from it. View: Now, if you're attacked by a naked man, things may go differently.
  15. Flaming buckshot

    I'm sure the traditionalist members at my range will be fine with this. View: Would be interesting to see how 12 gauge performs.
  16. Man gets sucker punched, pulls out weapons and kills the perp… You Decide…

    The guy taking cell video at 0:34. :rolleyes:
  17. OK, who forgot to pay his storage unit bill ?

    My daughter is in science communication and has worked with a number of production companies on various jobs. One of them included a video crew who had worked on one of the real estate shows. When she asked them how some of the things happened, the head of the crew commented that it was...
  18. Lawsuit against MA AWB

    A split between circuits, however, creates an opportunity for an appeal to the USSC. That path had best be competently trod soon, before Republicans tanking senate races in the fall means that Biden can get one or more opportunities to change the composition of the court.
  19. OK, who forgot to pay his storage unit bill ?

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