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  1. Picking up a Rasheed

    I'm getting it for 650 I put a deposit on it just have to go pick it up... Not the best price on the world but they don't pop up that often anymore, and once I saw it on the shelf at the local honey hole I knew I had to have it
  2. Picking up a Rasheed

    Anyone on here have a rashseed carbine? I'm picking one up in the next week or two, and just wondering how well they shoot.
  3. Ross Rifle Co. Canada M-1910 Patented - Porn

    That's the nicest Ross I've ever seen, makes me wish I had kept mine (it was no where near that one though)
  4. Arisaka Type-30 Carbine. Scarce Commodity

    That's a great find... I have been looking for one for years to fill a hole in the arisaka collection
  5. T-38 Long Rifle. Dingy, Duffel Cut and Sling

    That's a nice score, my duffel cut t99 is one of my favorite guns.
  6. My first Mosin, Westinghouse M1891

    Nice score, and welcome to the addiction
  7. Swiss K31 Rifle ???

    One of the nicest shooting surplus rifles out there. I love mine, ammo is not very hard to find either
  8. Tikka 91/30

    That's one of the reasons I had to have it, it's the first one I have seen with a round receiver
  9. Trail cams?

    I got the moultrie panoramic 150 for Christmas and love it. If you want a good camera for cheap I would recommend the moultrie a5 there only 60 dollars on Amazon and they work great
  10. Tikka 91/30

    Well after getting out of collecting then selling off roughly 50 percent of the collection. I got bit by the bug again when I saw this one of the only Finns I never owned. It's a 1944 tikka 91/30, built on a 41 receiver. .
  11. T53 cleaning last night; rust pitting on barrel, should I be concerned?

    Sounds fine to me one of mine has some pretty deep pitting and it shoots fine
  12. Added another M44 to the collection

    Nice I just picked up a 43 myself
  13. My fiancee just popped my cherry...

    Nice I wish my girl would buy me guns
  14. Romanian (?) Substitute Standard M91

    That's a nice one, I've always had a sweet spot for m91's
  15. Kar. 88. Commission Carbine, 1893 Erfurt

    Hey sorry I haven't had a chance to check yet but I know I have a kar 88 in the pile that should be complete except for the stock So if its there it's yours
  16. Kar. 88. Commission Carbine, 1893 Erfurt

    Nice score I love kar88s, one of the funniest guns to shoot that's why I have so many. I might have a spare front sight in the pile of 88 stuff if you want one
  17. Pair of Nines Beats Full-House!

    You are the luckiest man alive
  18. Kar 88 Ammo Clips

    I own a kar 88 and multiple gew 88's the repro clips will not work buy an original the repros are to thick and they get stuck. Also these are one of the funniest little carbines you can find to shoot I'm in the process of finding another
  19. Brand New, Even at 118 Years...

    That's one of the nicest mosins I've seen
  20. My latest M1 IHC

    Nice I'm jealous I've always wanted one of those
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