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  1. From Ma. GOP: What Maura thinks of burning & looting

    Just received this email from Ma. GOP. This is a real piece of work!! Massachusetts AG Healey on looted, burned-out local businesses: "That's how forests grow." June 2, 2020 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE CONTACT: Evan Lips, communications director 617-523-5005 ext. 245 WOBURN --...
  2. ATA Take Aim At Cancer Trap Shoot 9-22-19 UPDATE UPDATE

    Everyone, it's that time of year again! 6th Annual Take Aim at Cancer Trap Shoot, sponsored by Woburn Sportsmen's Association and hosted by Minuteman Sportsman's Club, in Burlington, Ma. As always, ALL PROFITS GENERATED WILL BE DONATED TO DANA-FARBER CANCER INSTITUTE. over $220,000. donated to...
  3. Cancer Trap Shoot 9-23-18

    There will be a Charity Cancer Shoot with ATA registered targets Sunday 9/23/18. Woburn Sportsman's Association has raised almost $200,000 donated to Dana Farber. All money raised will be donated to Dana Farber. There will be many items for raffle. See attached flyer. The shoot will be at...
  4. Mass. State Trap Shoot

    For those that don't know, this years Mass. State Trap Shoot will be 4 days from June 7 - June 10 at Minuteman Sportsman Club. See MATA website Massachusetts Amateur Trapshooting Association ALSO this will be the first year that pre squadding is available at
  5. WSA's TAKE AIM AT CANCER Sunday October 2, UPDATED****UPDATED2016

    Woburn Sportsmen's Association will be holding its annual TAKE AIM AT CANCER ATA registered trap shoot on Sunday October 2, 2016. This shoot will be hosted by Minuteman Sportsman's Club 56R Francis Wyman Rd., Burlington, Ma. 01803 There will be many gifts and prizes to be awarded. There will...
  6. Colt Python Confiscated from Brooklyn man in Ma. Great find by MSP, and sounds like good bust. What are the odds the gun is stolen??? POS who had gun probably didn't know gun was worth more than his unregistered car! Hope the...
  7. NH and Me. State Shoots

    Hope to see a good turnout at the NH State Shoot this weekend 7/10 - 7/12 at Minuteman, and the Maine State Shoot at Scarborough F&G 7/16 - 7/19 So far the weather looks GREAT!!
  8. MSP Approved Firearms Roster

    Just checked MSP website this morning and the NEW 9/2014​ approved roster is out!
  9. New Hampshire State Shoot

    Does anyone know when the NH State Shoot program is going to be available, or any information on pre squading? The shoot is going to be at Minuteman in July. Thanks UPDATE: Program now available on NH website Good luck to all that go.
  10. True Craftsman Gunsmith

    I asked on the forum for a Beretta gunsmith in the Boston area, and got a few replies and Sergey Lyalko, Rustblue Gunsmithing, 9 1/2 Franconia Ave, Natick 508-545-2450 was recommended. I called and talked to him and went to drop my Beretta trap gun off to have the firing pins and springs looked...
  11. Beretta Shotgun Gunsmith

    Does anyone know of a qualified gunsmith for Beretta shotguns in the Boston area other than Rich Cole up in Maine? I am looking for a tune up on hammer springs. Was shooting over the weekend and had several failure to fire due to light strikes. Thanks
  12. Fastest Trap Shooter Record

    Besides this being an awesome display of shooting skill, Can anyone tell me where to find a shell holder like he is wearing? It must have a spring like a double stack mag, and hold 25 shells. Watch the whole movie.
  13. NEW Website for Andover Sportsmen's Club

    The new website for the ASC is now on line. I just checked it out and its first class! Check it out, Great Club.
  14. Cowboy Shooting

    Just saw ad for tonight's Chronicle on WCVB Channel 5 at 7:30 PM that they are going to have a segment on Cowboy Shoots. Don't know if its a re run but at least its something about shooting in a good light! [grin]
  15. Transfer/Sale Question for Ma. Long Gun

    I am selling an O/U shotgun. Question to the group experts: Buyer is Wa. state resident but on military assignment here in Ma. Since he doesn't have Ma. LTC what do I have to do to be legal?? Any help appreciated.
  16. Ruger Red Label is Back!

    Ruger has brought back the Red Label O/U. I love my old one and shoot it for trap. Glad to see them bring back a classic and make it in the USA.
  17. BT 99 Shooting High

    I just acquired a 1978 model BT99 with full choke barrels and it shoots very high compared to my Ruger Red Label. I took it to the pattern board and I had to place the front bead about a foot below the center just to get on the top of the paper. Has anyone else had this problem?
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