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  1. Great "Talking Points" Video

    I believe this was from CT, this guy may be local, we should try to get him to come speak in MA.
  2. Communication In A Zombie Apocalypse
  3. "Russian Woodpecker", Duga 3
  4. Hurricane Watch Net resumes as Sandy impacts the East Coast

    The Hurricane Watch Net will resume operation as Sandy impacts the East Coast. We will handle reports for the National Hurricane Center and we will also handle backup Amateur Radio communications from emergency operating centers and public safety locations. We anticipate a high volume of report...
  5. Choosing new Rifle

    Long story short, My good friend made High Master (Rifle) this year and just missed making the Presidents 100. He has been teaching me to reload and shoot and I'm going to take the plunge for a nice high power rifle. God I wish someone would talk me out of it! I'm looking at the GA Precision...
  6. New GLOCK Cleaner!!!

    The newest cleaner on the market for all your Glock needs!!!!!
  7. Portable 2M "Ammo Can" rig for portable/emergency use

    Not mine but you can bet I'm going to build one after seeing this! [shocked] Portable 2M "Ammo Can" rig for portable/emergency use
  8. 10mm ammo could be available at Walmart

    Shamelessly ripped from a post HERE at GlockTalk. "Spoke with a Walmart big wig that is interested in providing better ammo selections/choices for their customers. Their plan is to attract more businss in reguards to individuals who use and/or carry firearms. Anyway I was told that if a...
  9. Looking for ICOM-706 remote cable

    I bought the ICOM backpack for my IC-703 and didn't realize I still need the remote head extension cable for a 706/703. (same cable) Almost all ICOM 706 radios came with a free remote kit if purchased new. If you have one you are not using please let me know! I'll offer you a fair price for it...
  10. NES Membership

    Sent PP over 24 hours ago and still nothing, how long does it usually take? It was cash, bank funded PP. I HATE using PP but thought it would be instantaneous. I can't take the ads anymore and my PM's are shut down, this sucks! [frown] This was for a renewal and I was out of town when it...

    AMATEUR RADIO FLEA MARKET SATURDAY MARCH 20, 2010 8 AM to 12 PM RAIN OR SHINE ADMISSION: $2.00 DONATION TO BENEFIT: Eastern Conn. Amateur Radio Assoc. (Previously The Pomfret Hamfest) VE test session, Limited spaces available, Must Pre-register N E W LO C A T I O N Place: St. Joseph’s...
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