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  1. The Official NES Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker Gripefest thread SPOILERS ALLOWED, UPDATE 10/22

    I've never seen one Star Wars, even the originals. I have no motivation to see any of them.
  2. Horse Fatally Shot During Deer Season

  3. Noel Ignatiev Won't be Down for Breakfast.

    I forgot about Jim Goad haha. Good article. Ignatiev's argument is basically "race doesn't exist, but you're still racist." That type of argumentation is designed to not make sense. What he and the Left wants is for whites to forgo playing racial politics while non whites organize collectively...
  4. Wedding DJ Question

    Last wedding I went to was like a family reunion. DJ went full retard. None of us could talk to each other and catch up on stuff. I have deep voice and can't stand shouting over loud music. I'm not into bars that turn themselves into nightclubs after 10:00 either.
  5. Why the left wants immigration

    Talk about ringing the dinner bell.
  6. Record setting high tides in Venice

    Since the Earth is flat, where does the land go when it sinks?
  7. Tips for Financial Independence?

    Cancel cable, satellite or the sportsball channel. My three year old $200 phone works just as good as your $1,000 iPhone. Get a part time job when you retire. Live healthy so you can enjoy retirement. Imagine retiring and a week later you die of a heart attack. Don't gamble. I know people who...
  8. Citing "Gun Violence", UVA Cancels 21-Gun-Salute Portion Of Veterans Day Ceremony

    People should give them 21, one finger salutes.
  9. Dean Foods, largest milk producer in U.S., files for bankruptcy leaving the consumer holding the bottle

    I drink maybe one glass per week. I can't even remember the last time I ate ice cream too. You can get calcium from other sources.
  10. Noel Ignatiev Won't be Down for Breakfast.

    He was a Communist. Many Communist changed tactics from critiquing society based on class, to critiquing based on race. White people are now considered the upper class to be eliminated.
  11. Ben Shapiro: Right-wing hero or opportunistic zero?

    He tweeted something like "I don't care about the browning of America. Color doesn't matter, ideology does." Yet, he's a Zionist and sees Israel by and for Jews only. I'm tired of that double standard. We send billions of dollars to Israel and fight wars on their behalf, but we can't play...
  12. Noel Ignatiev Won't be Down for Breakfast.

  13. Noel Ignatiev Won't be Down for Breakfast.
  14. Wall with Mexico and Cordless Tools

    These migrants, refugees immigrants etc. pay big bucks for coyotes to smuggle them in. Why not pay for a one way plane ticket and overstay your visa? Beats the hell out of travelling thousands of miles on foot, hanging off trucks and trains, swimming across the Rio Grande and walking across...
  15. Democrats steal Virginia - You're next

    Why did he move here in the first place? I'm not going to move to India and then complain about people clapping in the streets. Conservatives can't keep running to another state. The libs will make sure it gets flooded with refugees or immigrants, both legal and illegal.
  16. Crush a Man's Skull in Half and Serve 72 Days in Jail

    The DA wanted a felony conviction, but couldn't prove motivation. Imagine every DA being a Rachael Rollins in cases like this, going soft on the criminals.
  17. Virgina Speaker of the House, A Gun control activist...

    She's a carpet bagger from New York. Filler-Corn, what type of name is that haha? These shitlibs need to stay in their shitlib shitholes.
  18. Crush a Man's Skull in Half and Serve 72 Days in Jail
  19. Wall with Mexico and Cordless Tools

    Just raid every farm, kitchen, construction site and slaughter house on a regular basis. Strike fear into them and imprison every employer who knowingly employs illegal immigrants.
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