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  1. Reported human feces sightings in San Francisco

    What a crappy situation...
  2. LCpl Carpenter approved for the Medal of Honor

    He has a new book out. I saw an interview or podcast with him recently; I thought it was Joe Rogan but cant find it... View:
  3. 2019 Deer check-in thread.

    Me too on the euro-mounts if I ever have the chance to take a nice buck in future. These days, it's all about the meat....First thing with horns gets shot, sliced & diced and on the grill....!
  4. 2019 Deer check-in thread.

    What's the going rate for taxidermy around here? Anyone...?
  5. Where have all the birds gone?

    I read somewhere that domestic house cats kill 1 billion birds a year.....true dat dem damn cats....
  6. 2019 Deer check-in thread.

    Thanks! I was very happy with how it came out. I think it's a unique deer and it was an amazing morning taking him up close in a snow covered woodlot on my friends farm where I've been hunting for 40 years. The mount of my 2018 9- point was done by Bob Borow of Borow's Taxidermy, 14122...
  7. onX Hunt App

    I played with it last year and was not too impressed. They seemed to have very little data for the northeast US in terms of land ownership and boundaries. I have the app for GAIA GPS on my phone and it works well for dropping pins and finding your way around and it's free...
  8. Newb Trap Shooter Question

    We usually get the Herter's by the case at Cabella's. Assuming where you shoot allows lead.
  9. NYS success

    Ya, We had a foot of snow last year for opening day. I shot the big buck last year and the little on this year. 8s is Tompkins County, home of Ithaca, a complete liberal socialist Mecca. Makes Cambridge look conservative. So for years, no rifle as all the counties around us went from shotgun...
  10. 10 Shot, Four Killed At Family Gathering In Fresno CA

    Sounds like any given weekend in the windy city...
  11. Making the Mass Pike

    I've been in upstate NY a lot recently. They still have toll booths - primitive savages...
  12. What Truck do you drive?

    I just turned 109,000 miles on my 2012 F150 EcoBoost. The only thing this truck has needed is brakes, tires, oil changes and replaced transmission cooling lines that rotted out. Thinking about my next truck but hope to get another year at least out of this one. Worried about transmission as...
  13. 2019 Deer check-in thread.

    Two NYS freezer bucks this year. One with bow from three weeks ago, little 4 point in edge of standing corn on Saturday and picked up my mount from buck I killed last year...I’m done unless I buy a bigger freezer or give away more meat...!
  14. NYS success

    A year later I was able to get back to Borow’s Taxidermy in Delhi, NY to pick up my mount... Scored another NY Bucky on 11/16, good for freezer but not the wall....😎
  15. Getting back into the archery/bow hunting game...

    Nice work! Pickle that heart!
  16. Great morning

    Full moon tonight. Cold temps and peak of rut is said to be 11/7 - 11/14. I'm heading to NY on Friday for Saturday opener....My buddies seeing multiple bucks on hot does daily. Keep your powder dry and shoot straight.....!
  17. Great morning

    A hat trick! Nice work!
  18. Moving a Gun safe.

    I paid professional movers to move a safe from one part of my house to another. Worth every penny...
  19. Anyone Turn On Heat Yet?

    Fired up the Jotul wood stove last night and filled it again this am before work. Keeps the home nice and toasty for the wife, kids and doggies...
  20. Deval Patrick was considering run for President... Now he's IN.

    He’ll do no such thing. He’s just trying to get some attention, relevancy and money. And a way of raising his his hand saying “I’m available for Veee Peeee...pick me, pick me.... Loser.
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