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  1. Walking Dead Season 10

    Didn't realize that was one of the wisperers there. Oh well, 1 episode to go for this season. I think Negan will end up saving the day eventually so he can prove to the others that he's changed for the better.
  2. Guns Confiscated From Tisbury Veteran

    JBT just following orders. Just like so many of the Nazis had claimed they were doing. "Just following orders"
  3. Funny Picture and Video of the Day MEGATHREAD!!!

    These are the way to go. Our old engine 3 still had the sets you had to attach before going out on a call in bad weather. That truck was finally retired and we have a tanker for a replacement. Our others, E1 & E2 have the automatic chains. You just need to be rolling a slight bit before dropping...
  4. 10 Shot, Four Killed At Family Gathering In Fresno CA

    They're keeping it low key for some reason. Most of the others had continuing coverage for a half week or more.

    I'll 2'nd this. Pic or it isn't true. :p
  6. Court rules for Newtown Parents. Remington Lawsuit

    That's a wonderfully gay idea. I only have one Remington and it's an old Model 11. [smile]
  7. Worcester fire Dept LODD

    The one thing I always make sure I do when we get toned for a fire is to tell my daughter I love her even if I have to send her a text. You can't predict what the outcome may be. RIP.
  8. Father uses son as "shield" in botched drug buy...

    He needs a meat hook up the ass and then hoisted up by it for a good day or two.
  9. Safety Razor vs Cartridge Razor Who's Using What?

    I thought Gillette was on the boycott list. Did we accept them back into the circle?
  10. pro 2A meme megathread

    There's absolutely nothing wrong with that. 🍑
  11. EPO vs. dirt bike rider (RI)

    Or maybe stepped out in front of it while hiding in the bushes?
  12. Wife's emotional affair?

    Yes, it does take two. No matter what, you'll always wonder what you could have done different and would it have really made any difference. My regret was wanting to keep trying when I should have called it quits. 5 or 6 affairs and one abortion from he flings should have sent me a clear...
  13. Hawken Muzzleloader Rifles

    Just my opinion but if you're getting a Hawken rifle, I would find a good used Thompson/Center 50. I bought mine new back in the 90s and wished I had gone with the 50. I have the 54 and yes you can find lead for it but not like you can with the 50s. Anyway, check them out side by side if you...
  14. OK, Walmart and Dick's are out, where to shop?

    Since it's that far, bring a days worth of supplies with you and make the most out of it. :p
  15. OK, Walmart and Dick's are out, where to shop?

    For hunting pants and jackets KTP Tractor Supply L L Bean Sams Outfitters We also have a Runnings within a half hr drive. I would guess any hunting shop would have some type of warm clothing.
  16. Anyone still have their NES Zippo?

    Quit smoking back in 97 but that lighter is one of those nice to have things even if you dont use it. In for one if they're ever done again.
  17. The Unofficial Discussion Thread about the Pre-Ban Glock Giveaway!!!

    It's a 40. Not a caliber I have. Out.
  18. At least nine Americans killed in Mexican highway ambush

    SJW or not, the filthy scum went after kids. They're nothing but pure trash that should suffer for that.
  19. South Carolina woman bites off sex offender’s penis during his alleged attack

    He has the nerve to say it was pretty bad, pretty tragic what happened to him. If he wasn't a criminal, it wouldn't have happened. I hope someone finishes the job and just eliminates him.
  20. So much for Common Core

    Well of course they're doing worse but at least their feelings aren't being hurt and now they can go to the safe space if they feel they're being pushed to learn something and start crying because it's too hard.
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