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  1. Did Brookline just ban oil and gas?

    It's always someplace in Europe, that starts the final countdown Europe
  2. Newb Trap Shooter Question

    Neg rep for spelling noob wrong
  3. Class Review: Fundamentals of Intuitive Defensive Shooting with Rob Pincus 9-16-19

    Hopefully none of you measure the value of a class based on the number of rounds fired. The training he provides is good, could be better, but most importantly provides a vehicle for one to think about encounters and the consequences while practicing shooting drills. You could do these same...

    Best car I ever had! Thanks for the memory

    Geez make a friend in NH already. Probably somebody here would be that guy for you
  6. ALERT: RBG Pancreatic Cancer - SCOTUS Statement

    Patience Grasshopper
  7. Thoughts on PPU .44 Mag?

    Aren't sticking cases the result of oversize bores in the cylinder of the revolver? I had that happen to a 357
  8. Why you should fight to keep your guns, what do we learn from the Mexican Drug Massacre

    Amazing that CNN let that message air
  9. San Francisco And NYC Begin To See The Ugly Side Of Socialism

    Meh this story is a nothingburger
  10. First Gun Purchase

    Like throwing chum in a shark tank
  11. Man pulled over on I-495 had over $36,000 worth of alcohol in his Suburban

    Pretty sure the Supreme Court said LE have no obligation for personal protection so you are correct.
  12. Fitchburg man arrested for unlawful possession of 2 guns in Lunenburg

    Together that makes a .54 Cal the ATF will be all over him
  13. Gun safe

    There is a thread on here already but another plug for Zanotti armor. Take apart safes so you never get rammed for exorbitant delivery fees and excellent secure American made product. If you want to keep this away from children sure 500 dubloons at TSC but if you want some real security get a...
  14. It must be snowing in hell......

    Love how you make an assertion and then immediately provide evidence to the contrary in the same post. Good you are not in law! Or, are you?
  15. Gun safe

    Eastern Security has good selection but get soneine else ot move it. They charge too much for the delivery service. Ditto for anytime you need to move it.
  16. It must be snowing in hell......

    Think it is politics at its finest. He needs to court voters who are not extreme & steal some steam from Biden. Old white guy isn't going to get votes from Warren or Harris, so go after a demographic that he can win. Might appeal to those anti-establishment, anti-centrist folks who despise...
  17. New USPSA powerhouse

    He isn't old enough to own a handgun!
  18. NES Brain trust re. Sports Afield 36 gun safe

    Safes don't have good resale value. Check classifieds here, or craigslist often people are moving and have to sell quickly. You'll get lots more for your money.
  19. Write in campaign against Markey

    This has to be a gambit. No chance of him winning the election but will stir the pot like no other! Not just against Markey but he will bring Warren in as well. Brilliant.
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