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  1. Another Sad day in the 'Is CT or MA worse?' debate

    And just like that, the Attorney General has decided to reinterpret the law to fit her desired outcome.
  2. Are stripped lowers in CT legal?

    Allen-1 - shocked that I got it in writing, or that its legal? You shouldn't be shocked that they're legal, after all you can go buy a dedicated 22lr AR right now.
  3. Are stripped lowers in CT legal?

    I have an email from SLFU saying YES a stripped lower is legal. The email literally has a one word answer to my question followed by the sender's signature. The reasoning is that you may build that lower into a compliant rifle. Leave off the gas block and you have a "bolt action" AR, or make...
  4. Sig 938 scorpion with threaded barrel?

    That verbiage is in the MA AWB too, its just that we can't have 1 evil feature, while you guys can't have 2.
  5. Moving to Connecticut from Massachusetts

    Wow there was a lot of bad info in the first few pages of this thread. To the OP: listen to Don, he's on point and backs it up with citations.
  6. Another nail in CT 2A's coffin; Temporary restraining order passes senate

    First its not possible to register something that does not have a serial number on it. Second, I have dozens of legal magazines that the state doesn't know about. Third, how's your $800 Glock treating you? And that silencer on your glock... must be fun right? Last, I don't go hat...
  7. Another nail in CT 2A's coffin; Temporary restraining order passes senate

    I to hate say it because it just feels the same as saying "its better to get your hand cut off than your foot" but I'd still take CT over MA any day.
  8. 4 months, 7 days processing time for a non resident ltc in CT UPDATED !

    JAD - thanks for the history! Don - last time I spoke with BFPE (about a year and half ago) the wait time was more than a year for a hearing
  9. 4 months, 7 days processing time for a non resident ltc in CT UPDATED !

    Copied from "The guidelines for obtaining both a local and state pistol permit are contained in C.G.S., sec. 29-28, 29-28a, and 28-29... The issuing authority has 8 weeks to review your application and approve or deny. A denial may be appealed...
  10. PreBan Pistol

    Thank you Don. That is what I thought, but I could also recall seeing somewhere someone argue that pistols were being treated differently for some reason.
  11. PreBan Pistol

  12. PreBan Pistol

    Sorry if this has been addressed already, I did a search and couldn't find the answer. My question is in regards to the AWB: Are preban pistols just like preban rifles? Meaning can I get a preban pistol and legally put my can on it? Thanks in advance
  13. CT CCW training requirement

    PMoney - you got lucky, my application was denied because the training course was not the NRA Basic Pistol... That was also almost 10 years ago and I've since moved from MA to CT and took the NRA Basic Pistol...
  14. WTS Fake Can

    I had this custom made for a 9mm AR build. I have since receive my SBR stamp and no longer need this. Can is 8.75" long x 1.25" diameter. Thread is 1/2x36 (standard 9mm Colt thread) $125 shipped. Also willing to trade for ammo 9mm, 45 ACP, 223, 22lr... PS this is not like those fake...
  15. Home FFL In Massachusetts

    An FFL is required to build firearms. What you're describing is cosmetic and in my opinion as long as you have an LTC (which allows you to posses gun parts in your state) you can engrave gun parts all day and night.
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